❣️Top 10 WORST Foods that CLOG Your Arteries (NEVER EAT THIS)

12 Important Nutrients That Support Your Immune System

Immune function is affected by multiple factors. Learn about some of the nutritional factors that are under your control.

Boost Your Metabolism to Keep the Weight Off

Everyone wants a strong and healthy body, who wouldn’t? This doesn’t mean that you need to be showcasing 6 pack abs. What it does mean is that you are free from illness and that your whole body is at peace. There are more strategies in getting the public aware that the food one eats directly impacts his health. Eating unhealthy food and lack of exercise contributes too many health risks such as obesity and respiratory problems.

What Is the Most Effective Diet?

Diets are generally considered effective if they are nutritious, safe, easy-to-follow, easy on the budget and achieve long-lasting weight loss results for an individual. Health experts will put diets that help you lose weight and battle against diabetes and heart disease on the very top of the list of effective diets.

Weight Loss Coaching and Its Many Benefits

Weight loss coaching programs are an effective tool for achieving permanent weight loss. There are several benefits of joining such coaching programs. For one, you never feel alone as there are several other people who have the same target as you. Another benefit of weight loss coaching is that you will receive professional help from the creators of the plans and their team.

Fuel Your Weight Loss With a High Protein Diet

When you think about losing weight, it’s really quite simple- eat less, exercise more. But of course, that’s easier said than done. How do you find a diet that is nutritious, enjoyable, effective and easy to manage with the daily demands of a job, home and family? You might be amazed at what a low-carb; high protein diet could do for your weight loss! Let’s find out.

Sustainable Living and Various Types of Vegetarianism

Most people in western countries who turn to a vegetarian diet do so for conservation reasons and their lifestyle is often connected to sustainable living that promotes the maintenance of natural resources through recycling, the use of renewable sources of energy and the support of organic farming. More and more people are trying to live a more ecologically friendly life style, in the process cultivating a more conscious humane society.

Alzheimer’s Disease and Hydration

This article discusses the importance of keeping a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease hydrated. There are 6 helpful tips for caregivers to try. Enjoy!

Green Trend Alert: Fruit and Vegetable Infused Waters

While most people know that they need to drink more water, actually doing it can be tough. The trick to getting more of that purifying liquid into your body is adding some flavor. Infused water is the perfect way to do just that.

Nutrition and Diet Tips to Get Six Pack Abs

This article will give you nutrition and diet tips to lose fat and gain six pack abs. I will discuss foods to eat, what not to eat, and meal timing.

Unusual Protein Sources

Protein is essential for living a healthier lifestyle, but finding a vegetarian friendly source of protein can be a challenge. Fortunately there are some unusual sources of protein that may be able to help…

Checklist: Can You Get More Energy Fast?

How often do you feel tired and not in the mood to do things you usually enjoy? Most of us have a lack of energy from time to time, some more than others, but you can do a lot yourself to fight fatigue. If you know how to get your energy and use it, you can profit optimally of your health and vitality and do anything you want.

Are Fears Determining Your Family’s Health?

As a parent of young children I find myself stewing over how to get the best things for my children; education, friends, extra curricular activities etc. Among these best things one of my greatest fears and concern was- how can I feed my kids healthy? What is the “best” way to eat? Should I just deal with the fact that they will only like chicken nuggets? I began to research and develop a lifestyle for myself, one that I could help my children come to adopt and thrive with.

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