10 Early Diabetes Signs You Must Not Ignore

HEPA Air Purification VS Electrostatic Air Cleaners: Why HEPA Filters Are Best

A lot of people wonder whether air purifiers with HEPA filters are really any better than electrostatic type air cleaners such as Oreck and others that use electrically charged plates to trap dust and other pollutants. There are several reasons why HEPA filters are definitely better for…

How Your Workplace Environment Impacts Your Health and Energy Levels

Your workplace environment can affect your mental happiness and cause your body to use up its energy reserves to fuel your mind. If your energy reserves are used up, this leads to decreased energy levels for other areas in your life. When you work in a harmonious work environment, you have enhanced concentration and productivity.

GMO: An Unprecedented Agricultural Threat To Life and Humanity

Preventing GMO means restoring honesty and responsibility. Campaigners want us to say NO to GMO for the following reasons…

The Food Police

Why you should choose what you eat and drink very carefully. It could have a bearing on your overall health.

5 Things to Do to Remain Fit

Fitness is important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A proper balance of food, eating habits, supplements, workout and healing sessions can help you achieve and maintain fitness in your life.

Dental Tourism – The Importance of a Smile

There is a lot of conversation about mental health, wellness, homeopathic medicine and much more but the bottom line is when you feel good about yourself you generally feel pretty good. Have you ever noticed that poor person that is embarrassed by the state of their teeth and tries to surreptitiously cover their mouth or turn away while talking?

Tips From Dentists: Keep Your Mouth Healthy

In order to keep your mouth healthy, there are a few things you need to do. By following your dentist’s advice, you can keep your teeth strong and healthy.

Why Is Coffee a Great Pre-Workout Drink?

The fancy pre-workout powders and supplements get all the attention and so it is easily forgotten that the best, simplest pre-workout drink is coffee. It is obvious, coffee boosts your energy considerably, however that isn’t the only reason you must drink it before you go to workout. There are various other advantages and benefits to drink coffee before you break a sweat.

How To Lose Lower Back Fat

If you are wondering how to lose lower back fat, maybe this will help you. Getting rid of the fat that is on your lower back is one of the hardest areas to target on your body when losing weight. Why? We have no idea but it’s true. With exercise and dieting, you should be able to lose it, but only when you are prepared to lose overall body fat. Below are three methods that will help you lose lower back fat.

Care Management Technology Improves Healthcare

Care management technology uses patient data to provide predictions about medical conditions. Hospitals and doctors can use this information to provide better care to their patients.

Post-Surgery Tips From Orthopedic Surgeons

Orthopedic surgeons can offer guidance to help you make a full recovery. Here are some common tips you should follow.

What To Know About Your Gynecologist

A visit to the gynecologist can be an uncomfortable prospect for some women. Ease your concerns by finding information on what to expect from your visit.

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