10 Healthy Black Colored Foods You Must Eat

Health nerds brightly colored veggies and fruits have a lot of different health benefits but have you experimented with other colors black colored foods for example are high in and throw simon’s this is a pigment that promotes good health in today’s video we’re going to talk about how black colored foods are the new health foods is it good to include black walnuts in your diet what about black garlic wait a second i to eat more mushrooms now we’re talking about all of this and more number one mushrooms of the black forest we’re kicking things off with a decisive one mushrooms aren’t for everyone if you’re on the anti mushroom side hopefully this will change your mind when we think of mushrooms we usually picture things like portobello however black forest mushrooms like black trumpet should talkie and wild morales are worth adding to your list these mushrooms are high in antioxidants and contain chemicals that boosts the immune system should talk mushrooms have a great mix of iron copper zinc selenium and b vitamins they benefits cardiovascular health as well as the immune system they also lower your chances of developing cancer black forest mushrooms are normally sold dry but when re hydrated they can be a tasty addition to soups vegetables to heaney and even sauces you can even try serving sauteed black trumpets over lintel also an add sauteed should talking mushrooms to ground meat have you ever tried black mushrooms what’s your favorite way to eat them sound off in the comments section and start a conversation with our best be community number two black dates blind dates could be exactly what you need to feel healthier they’re high in carbohydrates protein vitamins and fiber they also have fluorine a chemical element that helps prevent tooth decay black dates also contain a good amount of selenium which promotes immune function and lowers the risk of cancer these fiber rich fruits promote colon health and boost the number of beneficial bacteria in your stomach according to a study black dates also prevent the spread of colon cancer cells blind dates are available at stores in both raw and dried forms this means they can be eaten straight or stuffed and cookies dough or cakes they also go well with walnuts almonds lemon peel or cream cheese number three blackberries i know you’re used to eating strawberries and blueberries well it’s time for you to step your game up blackberries were are both sweet and sour our favorite for people during the summertime now however there is more to them than just their taste blackberries are believed to support heart health by reducing inflammation and strengthening the immune system there are also shown to help women with mister orange use one cup of raw blackberries is exceptionally high in vitamin c this vitamin c producers college in and ba bones along with connective tissue and blood vessels some studies also suggest that it can help prevent the production of cancer causing chemicals in the body according to a review eating blackberries can boost brain health and help prevent memory loss from aging these tasty blackberries are high in antioxidants and can be used in smooth these desserts salads or cakes you can even eat them raw looking for answers and all the latest health and wellness news hit that subscribe button enjoy and are millions of followers stay up to date on all of our great bessie content number for black figs another sweet and tasty injury to the list these delicious fruits have a rich purple covering that hides a creamy white pulp inside i’d god sakes are fiber rich fruits and hold large amounts of magnesium potassium calcium and vitamin b six and k one black figs also have a high fiber level which allows for weight loss down the road some studies have looked into figs ability to fight cancer in a recent study fig extract was found to help lower blood pressure further more they’re high in poly phenol antioxidants which offers several health benefits in fact research proves that figs contain more beneficial chemicals then red wine or to the number five black and garlic in addition to having black clothes black garlic has a mild flavour and a more delicate sticky mouthfeel than raw garlic the clothes are not naturally black they’re fermented for weeks which darkens them and makes them popular in many different types of cuisine black garlic has significantly more antioxidants than raw garlic this is due to the fermenting process according to a study these antioxidants increase their activity with age black garlic also helps prevent inflammation and improve memory they may also lower your chances of cancer by preventing cell damage research shows that treatment with black garlic extract resulted in metabolic advantages such as lower cholesterol decrease inflammation and hunger management black garlic can add flavor to stir fries rice noodles and soup and i’ll certainly give your food a flavor boost before we move ahead here’s another video you might like are you trying to cook healthier foods watch and learn about twelve ways your cooking your vegetables wrong now back to our discussion on black foods number six black graves you’re probably used to eating fresh green grapes that is if you’re used to eating fruits at all…Learn more here

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