10 Healthy Habits For A Better You And A Better Life!

I’m doctor i’m a board certified and apologist i am board certified in internal medicine and i have been board certified in pediatrics today i’m going to get sin healthy habits for better you in a better life keep watching oh we all want to live are healthy and happy to live without didn’t schedule and wouldn’t life always throwing the unexpected at it damn hard to stay focused on so today i’m going to give you ten healthy handle for a better you in a better life number one positive affirmation get your mind right first thing in the morning before you even get out of bed you sell everything you like about yourself all you still everything you like about your life know yourself that you are worthy of living healthy happy and prosperous life and anne’s mean get your mind right first thing in the morning with positive self affirmation three one once you get your mind right start getting your body right i want you to drink a black water in the most preferably linen there are some benefits to limit water lemon had vitamin c which can help to boost your immune system lemon water can also help to decrease inflammation in your mind you have the anti oxidants little water has can help prevent kidney stone still dripping on the preferably everyone out in the day i wanted to date and hide in most people should drink between two and three leaders want that anywhere from four to six sixteen ounce bottles of water now if you have a medical condition that requires that you have been restrictions and you don’t want to drink so if you have heart failure or kidney failure be sure to constantly condition but mum most people choose to three leaders some water at least what you should be taken to hydrate yourself and you’ll know you’re well hydrated because you’ll be hearing aid infrequently and your urine should look clear almost like water just a slight tinge of yellow drinking water and staying hydrated can help to detoxify your system it can help with your digestion helps to keep you regular they can also helps with your complexion give you a clear complexion and they will hydrated can help to prevent kidney that the drinking water is another healthy habits for better lips number three daily legal chart eight her for each day i want you to write the thing to do list with both the short term goal in long term home and i’m wanting to set realistic deadlines even for the long term goal of said that deadline because it’s…read more here

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