10 Little-Known Tricks That Are Very Useful In Every Airport

The Yin and Yang of Patient Empowerment in Healthcare

The forces of patient empowerment which pervade the current healthcare reform movement are counterbalanced by yin-yang forces of healthcare-provider quality-of-care accountability. The two forces are increasing in momentum and have significant implications for both patients and healthcare providers.

Benefits Of Diet Consultation

Many people struggle with their weight or simply want to improve their diet for one reason or another. When this is the case, simply doing it yourself is often not enough. Most people don’t have the nutritional education necessary to make informed decisions about their diet, especially without doing a bit of research first.

How You Can Fight Acidity Effectively!

Most of us enjoy a good meal, some of us enjoy it so much that we tend to overeat and then suffer from acidity which leaves us with a terribly uneasy feeling. It could either be a heavy and wholesome main course that is loaded with flavor, oil and spices or that rich ice cream which you may have considered skipping, but went ahead and had it anyway. In such a situation, most of us are compelled to resort to antacids to give us temporary relief.

5 Ways to Beat Mental Fatigue

Whether it’s once a year or once a day, mental fatigue is something we all experience at some point in our lives. Sometimes you can predict its arrival and sometimes it hits you out of nowhere. Whatever your relationship with mental fatigue, there are actions you can take to help deal with it (and in some cases even get rid of it). Read on to discover the top 5 ways to beat mental fatigue.

The Chimp and The Peanut

Have you ever heard the story about the chimp and the peanut? It’s very interesting and relates to us all in some way. Allow me to share the story.

Learning How to Do a Handstand

Handstands are pretty easy, and the basis of gymnastics. They help me keep in shape and they tone the muscles without actually having to make a lot of effort. I prefer them to going to the gym, really.

How to Stay Fit While Eating Out

Amid the hustle and bustle of daily life everyone wants to chill out once in a while by eating out at their favourite restaurant. It is a pleasant change from the regular home food and environment. However, if your job involves a lot of travelling then eating out is your necessity rather than just a change.

Stop the Signs of Aging and Getting Old

I’ve discovered the fountain of youth. Well, not the fountain, really, but some easy ways to stop the signs of getting old and actually look 10, 20 years younger. Sounds hard to believe?

Prevention of Sports Injuries in Children

Keeping our kids safe and sound is the most important thing ever. However, we also need to help them realise their full potential in whatever they do and thus, we should not hinder them. As a result, we should learn how to prevent sports injuries in children in order to progress further. In order to promote an active and healthy lifestyle, sports are an integral part of their lives. With an increase in sports activities come an increase in injury risks and in this article, we will learn how some preventive measures against sports injuries in children.

Eucalyptus Oil Is Nature’s Gift to Natural Joint Pain Relief

Nature is the best source of natural resources that can be used effectively to fulfill our various requirements. From foods to drinks to medication, nature has the best alternatives to their processed counterparts available in the market. An added advantage of natural medicines is that their side effects are not as bad and glaring as those of the options given by the pharmaceutical companies.

Foods That Calm The Mind And Body

Scientists have long known that many of the foods we eat can alter our brain chemistry. But when you are going through a period of particularly heightened stress or anxiety, just eating “healthy” may not be enough by itself. In this informative and interesting article, a British nutritionist and therapist focuses on 5 foods that have a special affinity for calming down the mind, soothing the soul and relaxing the body.

Countertop Water Filters – An Ideal Solution For Most Families

Considering just how much the average person spends on bottled water each year. Countertop water filters are certainly one home appliance worth considering, even if it means an initial outlay.

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