10 Reasons Why Your Testosterone Is Low & How To Increase It

Couples Are More Likely to Get Healthy Together Than Single Individuals

The journey of losing weight and changing to a full time healthy lifestyle is normally a very difficult one. A new study shows that if you attempt this journey with a significant other, your chances of success grow significantly.

Choose to Be Healthy Rather Than Skinny

Move over size zero or skinny, the new anthem: healthy is the new skinny. No, healthy does not imply overweight and obese. Healthy is when you feel good inside out while maintaining the curves in your body.

Medical Waiting Rooms

To create the perfect medical waiting rooms you will need to balance the space available with what your patients will need. You will need to make sure that your waiting room is comfortable but yet functional. Everything from the color of the walls to the decorations to the furniture will contribute to the overall feeling of the area. This is the room where new patients get the first impression of the practice. It is an area where they will enter into the office, wait to see the physician, pick up, or take a family member or friend, pay their bills, etc. Basically the idea medical waiting rooms are inviting, functional, and clean.

AED – What Is It?

This is a lifesaving machine known as an automated external defibrillator. It is used to check on your heart rhythm and let the person operating the machine know whether your heart needs a jolt to reestablish your normal heart rhythm. The reason that you may need a jolt to your heart is because of a cardiac emergency such as cardiac arrest. Cardiac arrest is when your heart stops pumping blood causing it to not circulate throughout your body. If you do not have immediate treatment within four to six minutes, you can suffer brain death. This machine will help to try to prevent this from happening. During a cardiac emergency, the machine will verbally let the operator know you need a jolt. The shock, or jolt, that is administered is called defibrillation.

Natural Healthcare – Are You Open To Natural Forms of Healthcare?

Have you ever thought about taking control of your healthcare? Are you open to natural forms of healthcare? If yes, here’s a safe, effective, and natural way to improve your health and well-being.

Why Use a Clinical Research Organization for Clinical Trials?

Outsourcing clinical research to a Clinical Research Organization (CRO) is any increasingly popular option for both large and small pharmaceutical companies alike. There are many reasons for the rise of the CRO for clinical research, including diverse factors such as financial benefits and project expertise.

Simple Health Tips That Can Save Your Life

Don’t you wish life was as simple as in the good old days, when our grandparents summarized health hazards under three heads – curry, hurry and worry? Well, these three hazards have snowballed out of proportion and every person is at risk of major health hazards that can even prove fatal.

Choose a Reliable Laboratory Products Distributor for Best Products

There are several laboratory product distributors that have been supplying various types of medical products to healthcare facilities. Choose a genuine distributor that has serving various needs of medical professionals with competence and professionalism.

Corrective Exercise Vs Physiotherapy

While physiotherapists and exercise physiologists such as myself work in a similar field, it is difficult to dissect and define the differences between both positions. The reason is that both share many of the same features and values. They both cover a similar broad scope in the field and both are professionally trained. These professions overlap a great deal and for the average person, you might find the treatment provided from either is exceptional. This will help you to gain more insight into the realm of corrective exercise and physiotherapy.

Your Blood Sugar – Keep It Stabilized With These Top Tips

You can prevent a declining health cascade by keeping your blood sugar on an even keel. Here are some tips to aid you…

Health Basics and the Bigger Picture

This is a discussion of the basics of health. It involves not just the personal level of health, but also the larger picture of environmental toxins and GMOs.

5 Signs It’s Time to See a Pulmonary Doctor

Pulmonary specialists are physicians who study and treat diseases of the lungs, airways and chest. Why would you want to seek out a pulmonary doctor? Here are five reasons why it might be in your best interest.

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