11 Unexpected Uses & Benefits Of Vicks VapoRub You Must Know

Simple But Powerful Great Fruit Smoothie Recipes

Fruit is a staple in the world of smoothies, so it’s not surprising that you are going to find an innumerable number of recipes in books and magazines that feature a wide variety of fruit combinations. The most common fruit used in smoothies is the banana, because it is naturally, sweet and it adds a really nice consistency to any type of smoothie.

What Are The Advantages Of Minimally Invasive Surgery For Hip Replacement?

Medical technology is constantly evolving for the better. There are better and faster diagnostic equipments, robots to assist in surgery and safer anaesthesia techniques. With these advances in technology, surgery now is a lot lower in risk, shorter recovery time and less discomfort for patients. One of the greatest surgical developments is the usage of minimally invasive surgery. In this article, we will be talking about the advantages of minimally invasive surgery for hip replacement.

Effective Treatment for Nausea, Vomiting and Diarrhea

Symptoms of nausea, vomiting and diarrhea are caused by viruses. These illnesses are generally self-limiting. What this means is that the symptoms will eventually resolve on their own within a few days. At times, these same viruses might also cause body aches, headaches and fever.

Great Saphenous Veins

The great saphenous vein is one of the major veins in our body. It takes deoxygenated blood from our legs towards the heart. To be able to know the real score about this particular vein, let us look at the anatomical location and function of this vein.

Dying to Get High

Since Philip Seymour Hoffman’s body was discovered on February 2, 2014, I’ve pondered whether to write about it. What can I add to the flood of coverage? Maybe nothing, but here goes.

This Chiropractor Is Saying Stuff That Most Won’t

You know I’d been sort of an emotionally tapped in, emotionally connected, boy. And I was growing up on a dairy farm in Nebraska. I learned that being an emotionally tapped in little child was not so acceptable on a dairy farm in Nebraska. I recall making a decision that I was going to toughen up. I wasn’t going to permit myself be so emotional. I suppressed that piece of myself and, in the process, disconnected from a crucial aspect of myself when I did that. As I tell my practice members, disconnecting from parts of yourself is a recipe for potential suffering.

Dressing and Undressing a Loved One With Alzheimer’s Disease

As the normal routines become more complicated and confusing for those with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, dressing may serve as an obstacle for the start of the day. What used to be easy – selecting clean clothes and slipping into them – transforms into a nightmare as socks entangle feet, two legs enter one pant leg, and a dirty shirt is chosen and buttoned in an odd formation. Tips for clothing and shoes, including diapers are discussed in this article.

Safety Proofing Your Home for Alzheimer’s Disease

Many caregivers are choosing to have their loved one remain at home rather than placing them in a skilled nursing facility. This works well when plans are made for the safety of the loved one with Alzheimer’s disease and the well-being of the caregiver is considered. Home is familiar, home produces a sense of security, and home means home.

What You Need To Know About An Aspirin Overdose

Aspirin is a medication that is used to reduce inflammation, pain and fever. Doctors may also recommend this medication to people who suffer from heart problems. Even though this medication offers a number of benefits, taking more than the recommended aspirin dosage can have an adverse effect on one’s health.

Useful Tips To Lose Weight And Be Healthy

Thousands of people suffer from embarrassing hair loss due to genetics or something else. There are several ways to combat the loss of hair and many different methods to try to increase the body in your existing hair.

Endless Repetition by Loved Ones With Alzheimer’s Disease

One of the annoying habits that come with Alzheimer’s disease is repetition. With “When are we going?” “When are we going?” “When are we going?” with a slight change-up of “When are we going home?” it is hard to maintain composure. The same question asked repeatedly, especially when the response is “We are home” is heart and mind breaking. There are methods for maintaining control.

Professionally Structured Weight Loss

Whichever mode of advertisement a person consults, there are huge, flashy ads of weight loss products. Weight loss products, guides, pills, belts and all such equipment are common. The almost magical effects that the products promise are truly alluring, but it is sadly unlikely that this promise will ever be delivered. There are several reported cases of people becoming severely sick by the intake of supplements and pills.

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