12 Cancer-Causing Foods You Should NEVER Put In Your Mouth Again

Alzheimer’s Disease – The Frustrations of Uncertainty

Alzheimer’s is a horrible and frightening disease in a multitude ways. Perhaps the most terrible aspect of AD is that there is no medication to alter the course of it and there is no cure. While there are trials and field studies being run throughout the country and the world, there is no firm answer for this disease in sight. This is the first of a 30+ article roll-out on Alzheimer’s disease, caregivers, and increasing knowledge of this disease that has been diagnosed in over 5 million Americans.

What Are the Common Questions to Ask Alcohol Treatment Providers?

Alcohol or drug addiction becomes one of the popular topics of discussion at the present time. But there are a few people who want to escape from there. And a number of alcohol treatment providers are there to help those people.

Myths About Bones and Joints

We have to accept that the wear-and-tear that comes with ageing plays a role in a number of painful joint conditions. However, ageing is not always the culprit. According to experts at the world-renowned Bangkok Bumrungrad Hospital, joint pain usually results from inflammation of the joint – a condition known as arthritis, which has many causes.

Advanced Planning and Preparation With an Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnosis

The diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease has been delivered, discussions for prognosis and longevity have been shared, and the family members who need to know are in the know. Alzheimer’s disease and the outlook for it are not pleasant or easy and sometimes, in fact most often, it is not beneficial to make a wide statement about the disease to everyone you or your loved one knows. This article will give you tips on getting yourself and your family prepared.

10 Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease

This is the second in a series of 30+ articles on Alzheimer’s disease. The following potential warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease are paraphrased from the Alzheimer’s Association’s description. These are tools to gain knowledge and background information, not for an in-home, personal, self-diagnosis.

How Can I Manage Pain After My Total Knee Replacement Surgery?

Pain is an unavoidable side effect of any surgery, not just a knee replacement surgery. While patients are anxious to undergo surgery in order to regain back a wholesome quality life, they are often unaware and uneducated about how to manage pain post surgery. The pain is definitely here to stay for awhile and knowing how to manage pain will help you set reasonable recovery goals. In this article, we will talking about how you can manage pain better after your total knee replacement surgery.

Introducing Your Immune System

Our immune system defends us against enemy attack. Unfortunately, most of don’t know what it is, where it is or what it does. We need to know more about this defender against evil forces so we can help keep us healthy and well.

Innovations in Dermatology to Look Forward to in 2014

The year of the horse is an exciting year for dermatologist. Europe has just announced that all newborn babies will have a microchip implanted under the skin by May 2014. The chip is designed to hold a report sheet on the baby and will also serve as a tracking device for children until the age of two.

A New Twist On Lower Extremity Pain And Approaches To Get Rid Of It

I’d like to talk about lower extremity pain in this article. The lower extremities include the hips, legs, knees, calves, ankles, feet and toes.

A New View On Upper Spinal Pain And Ways To Alleviate It

As I’ve brought up in all of my content about pain, in order to know the source of spinal pain we’ve got to go way back to when we were in the womb, then when we were just babies, then when we were young kids. In that time in our lives, the component of our nervous system that was online was an important part that was just feeling into our environment. We were just relating directly to the energetics of our environment with this sensitive part of our nervous system.

What Are Risks Of Delaying My Hip Replacement Surgery?

Your rights as a patient permit you to decide when to undergo your hip replacement surgery. Your doctor can only provide professional advices from their many years of experience. A high chance is that your surgeon will recommend you to undergo hip replacement as soon as possible in order to reduce pain and prevent aggravating the injury. However, it all depends on you to make the ultimate call as you may have concerns such as your finances, pre-planned overseas trip and many more. So what are some risks of delaying your hip replacement surgery?

How Can I Manage Pain After My Total Hip Replacement Surgery?

Patients who are scheduled for a total hip replacement surgery will often have many questions about the procedure, and the most common being pain management. Most patients want to know how to overcome the initial pain barrier and how to live with it during the recovery period. They want to be able to sleep well and not be woken up in the middle of the night drenched in cold sweat from the pain. In this article, we will look at ways to manage pain after hip replacement surgery.

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