12 Signs That You’re Going To Have a Heart Attack Soon – #shorts

The Effects of Anger and Depression

The effect that depression and anger can have on our mental makeup and our physical makeup should be taken seriously. The causes and symptoms of depression and anger are many, understanding these will help us get control of these feelings. Unjustified frustration, unfair treatment, an insult, an attack on our self-esteem, or personal criticism are contributing factors that cause anger and depression to manifest itself…

The Biggest Mistakes People Make When Deciding To Lose Weight

Acting upon the decision to lose weight is very inspiring and life changing. So you already moved the big blocking stone out of your road to a better body. Next is to find the safest and most effective route to your target.

Watch Your Back!

In the human body, there are different organs and members who contribute to the functioning of the body. However, there is one key member that needs special care and usually is ignored – The spinal cord. The spine or the back is important for any movements or support that the body makes, and hence requires special and the right attention.

Mother May I?

Why yes you may take good care of yourself and kick back this Mother’s Day – certainly! Women tend to take care of everyone else first before themselves. I don’t think this attribute is actually genetically inherited, but it’s definitely socially inherited. Although, when we study the animal kingdom that’s generally what females do: they care, tend and nurture the family unit.

Always Be Yourself Because Then You Are Balanced

Staying balanced is essential in life and in sports. What we can learn from Martial Arts and Chinese Philosophy.

You Have the Right To Defend Yourself

The right to defend yourself is one everyone has. But it has a few caveats.

The Education and Training of a Chiropractor

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a chiropractor? Well, we have that information for you right here! Read more…

Six Factors That Affects Height Growth

Many people believed that height is one of the factors that can determine a person’s power to authority. So, if you believed you lacked the height. Learn about the six factors that can affect your height growth. Who knows, maybe you can still find a way to increase your tallness.

5 Concepts to Improve Your Jiu Jitsu

So you’ve just started training Jiu Jitsu, or you may have been training for years. Regardless of the situation, whether you’re a brand new white belt or a seasoned black belt, everyone always asks themselves “How do I get better?” This question comes up more often than not, so here are some tips that I think can help improve your game:

The Face of Adult Day Services (Care) Is Changing

House Bill H.R. 6476 commonly referred to as the “Medicare Adult Day Services Act of 2012” was written with significant potential. Introduced by California Representative Linda Sanchez, it basically does this: Allows a person who is entitled to receive home health services by a Medicare certified home health agency, i.e. nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, home health aide services, etc. to receive these instead from what the bill refers to as a “certified adult day services center.”

What Is The Value of a Pain Scale to Pain Treatment?

Do you find it hard to describe the level of your pain level to a doctor? Read this article to learn specific information about the value and importance of pain scales in treating any type of discomfort!

Are You Looking For Natural Treatments for GERD?

There are several natural treatment GERD options. The disadvantages, side effects and potential health problems caused by traditional treatments cause many people to seek a different solution. Read this article to learn more.

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