14 Common Health Symptoms Women Often IGNORE But SHOULD NOT!

How To Treat Sprains, Dislocations and Fractures

Sprains, dislocations and fractures are the type of injuries that involve a lot of pain and swelling. Also, walking becomes very difficult, so it’s even harder to get help if you don’t have your phone around. And if it happens during a disaster, when there’s nothing but chaos all over the place, you’re in for the time of your life!

Myths and Facts About the Common Cold

A widespread folk belief says that colds can be “caught” from exposure to cold weather or by sitting in a chilly draft. This is even where the common cold (or rhinopharyngitis in medical lingo) got its name. In fact, they are so common, that the average person contracts about 3 colds per year. While some weather conditions may indeed favor viruses, colds are upper respiratory tract viral infections that can only be “caught” through direct contact with contaminated objects or by inhaling airborne drops of infected mucus (such as when someone sneezes next to you in a crowded bus).

When to Treat Bedwetting

Parents are often unsure when to treat their child’s bedwetting. After all, children wet the bed. That’s normal. Here are several factors you can look at to decide whether or not it’s time for your child to start a bedwettiing treatment.

Subtle Lifestyle Changes to Keep Colds Away

By now, most medically savvy individuals know that colds are caused by viruses and that we can only treat their symptoms, not their causes. But several studies have shown that there are seemingly minute lifestyle choices that can influence our susceptibility to infectious diseases.

The Orthodontist – What You Should Know

If you’re thinking about getting work done to your child’s teeth or your own, there are some things you should know before choosing an orthodontist. Here are some things you should know before moving forward.

TV, Takeaways and Cigarettes Sound Like You or Somebody You Know

We all have our bad habits but some of us don’t realise the damage we are doing to ourselves in the long run. Here are a few facts and insights that’s may make you rethink your lifestyle habits.

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