14 Warning Signs Your Liver Is Sending You

How Can You Reduce Your Medical Bills?

Maintaining your health does not come cheaply, but that doesn’t mean that you have to pay the highest price on the market. That nasty shock you received in your bill after the last visit to the doctor may have easily been prevented. This article will walk you through ways of making a walk-in visit to the doctor friendly to both your health and pocketbook.

Urgent Care Clinics and Negative Reviews

Urgent care centers in general make an overwhelmingly positive impression on the general public. Online reviews show high approval of centers based on different factors. Even though this is the dream of most service providers, in critical matters like health, having a single negative review is enough to persuade a consumer not to move ahead with a particular healthcare provider.

Garcinia Cambogia Is Mother Nature’s Gift for Weight Loss

Garcinia Cambogia has been called many things, a miracle for weight loss, the number one natural weight loss supplement in the industry, market and shops, and even the “holy grail of weight loss” or the “dual-action fat buster.” This supplement was reviewed and tested by doctors with very good results.

What Is Medical Insurance?

Medical insurance as a term normally always refers to what is commonly known as a health insurance policy or a health insurance plan. It is important to distinguish these wordings, as sometimes medical insurance could literally refer to some type of errors and omissions policy for a hospital/doctor or other healthcare provider. This type of insurance does exist widely, but generally speaking when people refer to medical insurance they are referring to what is commonly known as health insurance or health care insurance.

Is Health Affected by Stress?

This may at first glance, seem a fairly obvious question with a fairly obvious answer that stress has an adverse or negative impact on an individual’s health, either physically or mentally. Whilst this may seem true to most people, there is a slightly more underlying complex issue which concerns the nature of stress, its value as well as its detriment’s, and why an understanding of the nature of stress and how it should be handled can have a major impact on an individual’s health. It is a fairly recent understanding in the…

What Does Health Promotion Mean?

Health promotion is a slightly stuffy term in one sense in that it is normally used by official bodies, governments and academic experts to talk about a wide range of social activities and behaviours that collectively have a big impact on an individual’s health and sense of well-being. The most common and obvious examples relate to issues such as smoking, drinking, gambling and diet, as well as a range of social conditions such as housing, poverty and unemployment, all of which have an impact on determining levels of health.Whilst these areas of health promotion are important…

What Should Health Priorities Be?

The question of health priorities is an extremely important one, and a question that should effectively be both asked and answered by the individual themselves as to what their own health priorities are. There is a tendency with all matters regarding health to refer to other people or so-called experts either at a governmental or medical or professional level. The issue of health priorities actually refers to a person’s own specific needs, and such needs can only really be determined and understood by the individual themselves.

What’s In A Pacemaker And How It’s Assembled

Most individuals are familiar with a pacemaker, it is a device that regulates the human heart in cases where the natural regulating mechanisms no longer work properly. Aside from what it is and what it does, not many know how this intricate medical device is manufactured. The pacemaker is a sophisticated device that has evolved over the years through medical device development.

I Just Need One Night of Sleep: 5 Ways to Combat Insomnia

Insomnia is a common problem among Americans today with our stressful lives, unhealthy lifestyle, aging and more we are not sleeping. This articles provides 5 great suggestions to help you get to sleep at night.

Communication in Healthcare: The Value of Patient Use of PQRST in Describing Pain

PQRST, a mnemonic used by doctors and nurses for evaluating pain, can also be used by patients to improve communication in healthcare. The potential benefits of the improved communication include making doctor visits and other physician encounters more productive, improving the quality of healthcare and lowering the cost of health care.

Self Defence Habits

The Habit of Self Defence Extensive research has been undertaken on habits, a very interesting observation is that once formed, they require little focus or energy to run as they effectively run on autopilot By developing just a couple of safety habits you can enhance your self defence by making sure your are staying safe on autopilot. leaving your energy for better things/ Two Habits worth developing are Trusting your Instincts Millions of years of evolution have worked very hard to get you to this point A key…

A Healing Miracle?

You are Your Own Liberator -Joel S. Goldsmith, The Foundation of Mysticism A Healing Miracle? “Would you consider doing a hospital visit before you make the drive back north,” Rob asked.

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