15 Foods Rich In Zinc You Must Have Every Day – #shorts

A Man Obsessed With Handicaps

Sidney is a friend of mine from Chicago who now resides in Arizona. Since retiring from a billboard construction business he has occupied himself with two primary concerns…his golf game and his health. I suspect that he exaggerates his handicaps with regard to both issues.

Heat Vs Ice: When Do You Use Them?

“Should I use heat or ice?” This is a question that I hear from patients almost everyday in the clinic.

Is Stem Cell Therapy Safe?

Despite the alleged death of 3 politicians in the Philippines, why is stem cell therapy still offered in the country? Is this really safe?

How First Aid Training Can Be Beneficial

Getting first aid training is helpful in dangerous situations and can lead to saving lives. Taking a few simple courses can get you prepared for emergency situations that could lead to loss of lives.

Shoulder Dislocation and Treatment

The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the human body. To accomplish this, the shoulder requires a balance of stability and strength. Shoulder dislocation is a fairly common injury sustained by people of all age ranges. It is generally a sudden onset type of injury, which is caused by trauma to the shoulder region. There are many causes of this type of injury, from athletics to falling from a ladder, and can be sustained throughout the age spectrum. Most dislocations occur as the arm is outstretched to the side or overhead in conjunction with a force pushing the arm backward.

What Makes Certain Foods Easy on Digestion?

You often hear that certain foods are easy on the digestion. When you are sick, people recommend you to eat food that is easy for digestion. This is especially true for sickness involving the organs of the digestive track.

Beware of Heat Illness This Summer

Summer is half over, but we can still get hurt from heat illnesses if we do not take caution. Everyone is different, and so are our body types and the ways our bodies function. There are three categorizes that heat illnesses are classified into which is: heat cramps, heat stroke and heat exhaustion. Age, pushing your body over its limit, lack of sleep, exposure to hot weather, health conditions, stimulants, drugs, are several factors that can cause you heat illnesses.

Cervical Spondylosis: Symptoms and Treatments

Neck pain is a common complaint experienced by many and is often the result of ageing. This is due to our cervical spine degenerating due to age, resulting in arthritis in the body. When arthritis happens in the neck, it is called neck arthritis or medically known as cervical spondylosis. One important thing to note is that cervical spondylosis is often non-life threatening. In this article, we will discuss about the causes, symptoms and treatments available for cervical spondylosis.

Your OBGYN Is On Your Side

No one enjoys going to the doctor but unfortunately it is necessary. Women have a special set of medial issues that they deal with at different phases of life. Finding an obgyn that makes them feel comfortable is extremely important.

Selecting A Basal Body Thermometer – 5 Things To Look For

A basal body thermometer is an invaluable tool to have in case you are trying to have a baby. It measures your basal or resting temperature which is supposed to increase after you ovulate. This helps you identify your fertile periods with a great degree of accuracy so that you can increase your chances of conceiving a baby.

Never Too Old To Exercise

The word is out that we live in a very youth oriented society. That may well be true when it comes to fashion and many other things but it is not true when it comes to exercise.

How Losing and Gaining Weight Affects the Fit of Your Wedding Gown

Getting married or have a dress that needs to be altered? Here’s what you need to know about your date with the alterations department.

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