15 Healthy Benefits Of Doing Yoga For 10 Minutes Every Day

10 Super Foods Which Keep Cancer at Bay

It’s perplexing when you come across metaphors and quotes that compare food with good health and mental stability for the first time. You tend to wonder why is there a comparison, and how do they really benefit our health system. To quote an example, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is a very famous saying which is used most commonly by teachers in schools and doctors who recite it to young patients.

Issues With Consuming Foods That Are Processed

When it comes to maintaining a healthy, nutritious diet sugar certainly is getting a lot of bad publicity. But another food that is being put into the “extremely unhealthy category” is processed foods. Is all of this bad publicity deserved? As with most topics there isn’t a clear answer. Processed foods are those that have been altered from their natural state, and often that makes them less healthy.

Get Your Nutrition Tips From the Best Fitness Trainer in Dublin

Heaving a healthy life and eating in a conscious way are no longer the most discussed topics of the day as more and more people transitioned from eating junk food to maintaining a balanced diet. In our ever changing world governed by vast online and offline debates surrounding the best nutrition tips, there is only one sure and totally reliable source for you to find accurate guidelines in Dublin: an experienced and professional fitness trainer, with years of activity in the world of body transformation and exterior shaping.

Start Getting Healthy Nutrition Series: Part 1-Sugar

The first of the series focuses on one of the top things you can remove from your diet to get healthy, sugar. With this first of this series I want to show you probably the most important thing you should drastically reduce, if not remove from your diet:

Egg Yolks – What’s the Big Deal?

Recently there has been a lot of talk about egg yolks. So what is exactly the big deal? Why is everybody so scared of them? According to studies egg yolks are actually the best part of an egg and in this article I prove it.

Finding Your Caloric Intake Formula

This article is based on how it is important for you to know your daily caloric formula; why it is important for you to know how much protein, carbs, and fat you should be consuming daily; and why it is important for you to know these things to help you be able to reach your fitness goals. Abs are made in the kitchen. To be able to see any fitness results you need to follow a good diet.

The Essence of the Paleo Diet

What is the Paleo diet? To sum it up in one sentence, this way of life consists of avoiding processed foods and only eating that which came from nature.

The Fruit Therapy – A Health Retreat!

The human body is like an engine which is constantly working and needs the essential fuel to keep running! Early research has proved that the human body needs necessary nutrients to remain healthy failing to which might result in fatigue or sickness which can also result in chronic diseases. Fruits are one of the most recommended food courses that are prescribed by doctors and dieticians.

What You Should Know About Food Labels Before You Waste Your Money At The Grocery Store

Food manufacturers use labels such as “all natural”, “high in fiber”, “reduced fat”, etc. as a marketing ploy to get consumers to believe that their product is healthy. The labels look great, and make you believe the product is really good for you, but in reality, the label means nothing. Just because a product boasts that it contains “antioxidants” doesn’t mean that it isn’t full of sugar or other garbage fillers. Learn 10 tips than can make you a smarter, healthier, and more conscious shopper.

Hazelnuts Are an Excellent Source of Vitamins and Minerals

These heart-healthy nuts consist of mostly unsaturated fats (totaling to 88%), and is sometimes pressed to make aromatic and delicious hazelnut oil. This inexpensive oil is widely favored by cooks globally.

Chestnuts – Vitality For Better Living

Chestnuts are an excellent source of fiber. One 3-ounce serving provides a total of 4 grams of fiber. The fiber that chestnuts consist of is made up of both insoluble and soluble fiber

Energy Gels: What Makes a Good One, What They Do and Their Importance in Ride Fuelling

Something that I’m sure every cyclist knows something about is energy gels. But what makes a good energy gel? Energy gels work in two ways, physically and psychologically.

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