18 Popular Foods That Will Ruin Your Body After 60, AVOID At All Costs

Healthy Eating – How To Maintain Your Diet Over The Weekend

If there’s one thing most people struggle with as they start to make positive changes to their health and fitness, it’s sticking with their healthy eating plan over the weekend. During the week, you’re on the mark. You’re eating healthily, preparing your meals, hitting the gym and so forth. As soon as the weekend comes, however, it’s a whole different story. You sleep in, get up to a cup of coffee and a more elaborate weekend breakfast, and then treat yourself to lunch out with friends.

Organic Matters

Growing health concerns regarding hormones in meats is causing an increasing number of people to choose organic, rather than non-organic foods. What benefits do organic foods offer consumers and their families? Why should they choose to pay higher prices for organic foods when non organic foods look the same and cost much less?

You Might Be Carb Sensitive

Some people are more sensitive to carbohydrates and/or sugar than others. This article covers specific ways you can tell if you’re one of those people.

Sugar Has Health Benefits Too

Do you also think that sugar is a sweet poison? Do you think it plays a role of villain in your life? If yes, then you are absolutely correct, but to an extent. Always remember that if a commodity has some disadvantages then it has some advantages too.

Pump Up Your Pre-Workout Snack for Optimal Performance

Finding the time to exercise is an amazing feat. Giving yourself the proper energy and nutrients it needs to get the most out of your workout is an even greater feat. The issue is that most people aren’t aware of what foods are best before enduring a workout.

Does Gluten Make You Fat?

What is gluten? How does it affect your body? Does gluten make you fat? Is it bad for you? Gluten is a protein found in barley, wheat and rye. It is also found in many food additives and this is what gives elasticity to the dough. One of the most important things that you need to know is that it is different from other proteins and it may be difficult to digest it completely.

The War On Sugar

Your body doesn’t require sugar, and you can learn to reduce your intake dramatically with my latest article. How many times have you heard it? Fat doesn’t make you fat, sugar makes you fat! Yet we still find ourselves binging out on anything sweet for that extra kick to get you through the day. Am I right, or am I right? But don’t worry, I have a solution to kick this horrible sugar habit and get you back onto the right health path.

Savor the Flavor With Healthy Options

Most of us enjoy eating. We have a list of favorites and are fond of sampling new dishes and foods that we can add to our list. Suddenly advice from the doctor to make lifestyle and daily diet changes can be jarring.

5 Tips To Avoid Gluten

Gluten sensitivity and/or intolerance has come to the forefront of health and nutrition over the last few years. This protein found in wheat (and other grain) products can cause a whole host of issues. Learn how to avoid it with our 5 tips.

Why People Are Choosing Organic Food

If you take a stroll into your local supermarket, then you will likely see an organic section that is becoming increasingly larger each time you visit. So why are people flocking to organic food at an increasing rate?

When Food You Love Doesn’t Like You

Food intolerances may be responsible for a variety of discomforts. This article covers the signs and symptoms of food intolerance, what happens when an acute reaction becomes chronic, and how that can lead to addiction to the triggering food.

Five Healthy Eating Habits To Develop This Week

Weight loss success is 70% dependent on your nutrition so it’s vital you get a good handle on this first. Therefore here are five ways you can develop healthy eating habits this week and leapfrog right to the forefront of a healthy lifestyle.

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