5 HERBS You Didn’t Know Could DAMAGE Your LIVER

Exploring the Boundless Possibilities of Self-Healing

As a society, we have found ourselves believing a lie. We have been led to believe that it is inevitable that we will find ourselves getting sick – but there is no reason why this should be the case. Once you understand the principles behind cellular healing, you will understand why!

Is There More Harm Done Cooking Alkaline Vegetables?

In this article I talk about the benefits of using a steamer as opposed to boiling your vegetables from a saucepan. Vegetables taste nasty when boiled and many people know that steaming is far more beneficial to your health but here are some of the facts on choosing this style of cooking.

What Are The Causes Of Chronic Muscle Pain?

Chronic muscle pain is caused from various things and at times there are not specific causes that are be found. Muscle pain that repeatedly comes back and is urelenting is labeled chronic. This kind of pain often takes a severe physical, mental and emotional toll for the person suffering from it If the pain is diagnosed correctly, a remedy to the pain can be discovered.

Avoiding Dangerous Buttocks Augmentation by Staying Informed

Some people are very eager to develop the curves that they believe will enhance their body to dynamic proportions. Sadly, many people are going to dangerous lengths to receive buttocks augmentation and believing that it is as easy as filling their rear-ends with injections of fillers, but that is the wrong way.

Western Medical And Non-Surgical Approaches To Low Back Pain

“Why does my back hurt?” There are various reasons for low back discomfort, pain and tightness and so many natural health, Western Medicine approaches and other complementary and alternative strategies to fix or cure them.

Facelift’s Simple and Dramatic Compliments

The facelift has evolved over the years to include mini and non-surgical options. But it doesn’t stop patients from wanting the total package of alterations that can create the ideal balance of their features not just a lift.

Opportunities In Medical Transcription

Medical transcription is one of the hot careers in the sector bringing about good job opportunities wherein you can make good cash out of it. There are many firms running this service and this is mainly due to the increasing demand among people to outsource their medical works to the third party firms.

The Online Lab Service – How It Works and Why It Works

A medical online lab service is an Internet-based intermediary which allows individuals to order and obtain lab test results online. The concept is one of many recent developments in the changing healthcare paradigm promoting greater involvement by patients in their health care. Because of usability and cost savings, online lab services are becoming more popular.

Proactive Health Defined

Proactive health is a term coined by the author to represent the state of well-being and degree of improved health resulting from actions undertaken by an individual to promote and achieve the goal of improved health. The measures or actions on which it is based are directed towards disease prevention, early detection of disease, improved quality of professional health care and improved professional healthcare results.

How a Dentist Fixes Oral Damages

Many men, women and children are afraid to go to the dentist because of what they believe the dentist will find. But the most important steps that any man or woman can take to improve the health of their teeth and gums to find a dentist they trust and respect and keep going back until the problems are fixed. They can look at it as an investment in their own health.

Interesting Info About Your Bones and Five Tips to Protect Your Bones From an Orthopedic Surgeon

The adult human body has more than two hundred bones comprised of proteins, minerals and blood cells. Some human bones are very small – only slightly larger than a grain of rice. Other bones in the human body are particularly long like the femur. Read this article to learn more about the bones in your body along with five tips for keeping your bones healthy and strong.

10 Ways To Boost Your Immune Systems

Many people don’t realize how important a healthy immune system is and how it can affect our everyday life. The immune systems helps to the body to defend against bacteria that may cause infection, viruses, diseases and then some. When your immune system is low and/or not functioning properly you can be more susceptible to these common everyday problems.

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