5 Things Your Feet Are Telling You About Your Health

When the last time you had a good look at your feet many of us have the habit of caging your feet in her shoes all day and not paying attention to them they could be giving off signs that your health is bad in today’s video let’s see how your feet can be used as the ultimate diagnostic tool for your health what does foot numbness in the kate what about those black lines on your toenails splits discuss it all number one dry flaky skin nobody likes having dry cracked heels taken stop you from wearing fancy shoes or cause your socks to get caught up in the cracks while pulling them on drive fi can be the result of cold weather dehydration frequent use of her soaps or even swimming in chlorinated pools the dryness generally improves after you make changes in your lifestyle this includes drinking lots the water using mild soap and putting on moisturizer if it doesn’t you’re in for some serious health problems if you ever have dry skin on your feet what did you do to get rid of it sound off in the comments below and starts a conversation with our best in community flaky skin on the ball or heel of your foot can be a warning sign of a thyroid condition when the thyroid gland failed to produce enough thyroid hormone it’s called high both thyroid to some this can make your feet feel very itchy and rough callous as may also developed the butterfly shaped gland in your neck called the thyroid controls you metabolic rate blood pressure tissue growth and the nervous system in serious situation painless lumps sum patches of scaly skin become hurt and waxy generally thyroid disease can go unexamined for years with a regular foot exam you can spot thyroid disease much earlier and begin treatment to prevent complications also watch out for some key sign sounds like waking numbness of the hands and vision problems go and talk to a doctor once you see these symptoms number two losing hair on your toes let’s face it all adults have hair on their feet have you ever seen a man’s foot some of them look like they’re perfect for wild foot hair may be more visible and men and women do you have hair on their toes it’s usually just much finer a few people will c l a p in hair loss on their feet and legs but as long as there are no other serious symptoms you shouldn’t worry too much about it if you suddenly noticed the funds disappeared from around your toes it could indicate poor blood flow diabetes related symptoms can creep in very slowly a condition called peripheral artery disease or p d for short can be caught early if you’re super careful phd gets in the way of blood flow in your feet this happens when fatty deposits called plaque build up in the blue and vessels over time you’ll start noticing that your feet have a lot less hair if a serious condition is left untreated you could be at risk of heart disease or stroke who knows your foot could also be amputated the great news is that phd is reversible with the right medical guidance your doctor will probably tell you to quit smoking exercise regularly and eat a more balanced diet it’s also very important that you get your hypertension and diabetes in check this way your lost hair will grow back in six months looking for answers on all the latest health and this man that that subscribe button and join her millions of followers stay up to date on all week that the content number three foot numbness we’ve all experienced numbness in her feet all you need to do is fall asleep in an uncomfortable position or sit with your legs crossed for too long sometimes it goes away in a matter of seconds sometimes it takes a lot longer if it happens frequently in last extended periods each time you might want to look into it foot discomfort comes in a few forms it may feel like a painful prickly sensation similar to that of pins and needles there are just so many nerve endings in your foot that help you deal with hot surfaces in rough terrain but with numbness your sense of touch and balance can be altered it this phenomenon keeps repeating while you’re awake and active it’s definitely something you don’t want to ignore just like your feet losing hair foot numbness has also sign and a phd it results from a chronic condition usually type two diabetes if there’s a blockage infection or compression of the nerves that terry sensations from the tips of your toes to the brain and back heel experienced severe numbness diabetes can also complicate wound healing on your feet leading open wounds that will eventually become infected if you’re seeing things like this you need to talk to your doctor asap having healthy wholesome foods and working out regularly can pull you out of this situation problems with walking can be linked to low vitamin b twelve before we move ahead here are fifteen signs you have vitamin b twelve deficiency now back to our discussion on five things your feet are telling you about your health number four black spots under your toenails this one is pretty scary it’s especially creepy how they just appear out of nowhere dropping a heavy object on your toe can bring on unbearable pain even after the pain leaves there may be black discoloration left to remind you of the injury but today we’re not discussing that that bruising will eventually go away if you notice black or brown spots under the toenails this is when you should worry it’s…learn more here

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