What do you know about testosterone many of us don’t think about it myself included testosterone is mainly produced by men it’s one of the key components that goes into male muscle development and fitness if you’re trying to get in shape you need to know what lifestyle choices and habits are lowering your testosterone levels let’s talk about that in today’s video are you eating enough protein what kind of nutrients are you getting into your food which carbs should you drop how important is asleep fear testosterone were talking all of that and more number one lack of sleep sleep not only affects your mental performance it can also influence physical birth forming a lot of us feel that just because we’re exercising we don’t need to do all the other healthy things in life the reality is those healthy things directly assist our fitness if you’re not sleeping your body won’t be recovering properly after your workout you need time to rest the majority of daily testosterone in men is released while they sleep if you’re trying to build muscle mass you need testosterone you’ll also need it for bone density let’s talk about vigor for a second vigor is the amount of physical strength and energy you show off it’s the overall state of your health throughout the day testosterone dictates that in a big way in two thousand eleven a study was done on a group of ten young healthy men to see what lack of sleep did to their overall health those deprived of valuable snooze time also saw a drop and vigor just as a set rule make sure you’re getting seven to nine hours of sleep a night now don’t get me wrong meeting that quota every single night is an impossible task ask for an adult all of our schedules are different but if you want to get in shape and have more overall energy make sure you have testosterone what’s the least amount of sleep you’ve ever had to run on throughout the day how did it affect your performance sound off in the comments section and start a conversation with our best d community number too little and no exercise now i’m not asking you to commit to a seven day weight training plan not everyone wants to look like dwayne the rock johnson and not everyone can for that matter but if you want testosterone you need to start moving a little this pandemic has put everyone on their butts i’ve been sitting a lot more than i wanted some fist the collectivity would do you a lot of good when it comes to testosterone resistance training is the best a study from two thousand and seven focused on men who did resistance training three days a week for four weeks straight by the end it showed that their testosterone had to increase significantly not only will exercise boosts your t levels it can also increase your brain activity another study showed that older men who worked out on a regular basis had better cognitive performance lot to talk about endorphins for a second endorphins are chemicals produced by your body to relieve stress and pain along with a testosterone boost a good workout released his folks they’re in and Learn more here

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