6 Reasons Why You’re Sweating All The Time

Have you been sweating away like crazy hasn’t been happening in cooler temperatures so frequent as it is often the sign that something’s wrong this includes possible health problems let’s talk today about six reasons why you’re sweating all the time are you feeling stressed out how bout nervous is your diet causing you to sweat wait is it possible you have a thyroid problem we’re talking about all that and more number one diet hardcore course wedding is oftentimes a response to the food you’ve been eating let’s talk about gustatory sweating for a second also known as frey’s syndrome gustatory sweating is the sweating you do after you eat you’ll often notice the person’s forehead dripping as they go down well not only does this what happened on your forehead you’ll also get it on your face open neck after a while your whole body feels like a waterfall gustatory sweat will normally happen after you eat a spicy meal we’ve all had that feeling after downing a pound of pot wings not to mention the need to run to the bathroom it feels like someone poured a pitcher of water onto your head this type of sweat is normally a reaction to really intensifies some react easier than others in more extreme cases the sweat and can be brought on by nerve damage the nerve in question is the prerogative gland which is located in both cheeks your provided glands help you produce a law of which assists you when it comes to chewing swallowing and digesting it usually becomes damaged after some sort of surgery or trauma if the damage is severe your gland will become confused and cause you to start sweating there’s also the meat sweats we need to mention when you eat meat your body spends more time than usual breaking it down this energy causes heat depending on your body the heat may cause you to start sweating but this seems to be rare for most people spicy thing you’ve ever eaten what was your reaction did you sweat like crazy sound off in the comments section and started a conversation with our best d community number two medications have you recently been prescribe something for a medical condition well don’t be surprised if you start sweating out of nowhere if you’ve been suffering from a specific illness he wear of the mets your doctor gives you have you ever heard of die for recess this is a really scientific word used to describe excessive sweating brought on by certain drugs this type of sweating usually happens due to changes in your blood sugar so what medications caused this usually things like anti depressants can really bring on the sweats there are also physical pain killers and migraine medications the wrong illness can contribute to the sweating so be careful cancer fever and infection are only a few of them there’s also another sickness that and do sweating thought we need to talk about that separately number three diabetes if you or someone you know has diabetes you’ve no it’s not an easy journey by any means this is a disease that’s the only becoming more common the number of people with diabetes rose from a hundred and eight million in nineteen eighty to four hundred and twenty two million in two thousand and fourteen this includes people who don’t even realize they have it one of the signs a person can look out for is excessive sweating remember a moment ago when i talked to go nerve damage well diabetes can cause some of this damage study showed that over half of diabetes patients suffer from some sort of neuropathy this affects your body’s glands one of these important glands is the one that controls but it’s like a switch that pulled with diabetes the sweat gland is always turned on this causes your sweat to pour out in the most sudden situations you also have your body temperature to think about diabetes makes it harder for your body to control it’s temperature as a result your body is unable to maintain the right amount of sweat to keep you cool if you been diagnosed with diabetes and you find yourself sweating bullets talk to your doctor right away all this talk about health has enough to get you pretty stressed out and that brings me to my next point but before we continue do you suffer from diabetes how about a loved one if so you’d know that diet is everything check out our recent video on the thirteen diabetic friendly comfort foods now back to our discussion on six reasons why you’re sweating more number for stress your mental health please a huge factor and the amount of sweat that comes out of your body it’s called stress sweat with the stress sweat you can start sweating and the most random situations all depends on just how worked up you are in the moment not only does you your forehead start beating you can also get sweat underneath her arm pets i talk about body odor but i think that’s a conversation for a whole different video here’s how it happens stress it’s the body’s natural response to something your brain perceives as a threat when your brain feels an attack coming on and adrenaline rush will be triggered there’s also stress hormones let’s talk about quarters off for a second cortisol all is the scientific term for your body’s natural stress hormone that increases sugars in your bloodstream enhances your brains use of glue posts and activate substances that help repair all your tissues when you’re stressed cortisol will be produced your heart rate will also increase in order to cool your body down and balance your list…Learn more here

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