7 Powerful Teas That Unclog Arteries, Control High Blood Pressure & Prevent Heart Attacks

Getting Familiar With the DIEP I Flap

If you want to get a complete transformation when you get your breasts reconstructed, you should consider getting the DIEP I flap procedure. You will be able to recover and get back to your normal routine much faster.

Things to Know About Meniscus Repair

The function of the meniscus is to provide stability and act as a cushion for our knee joint. It helps to ensure that weight distribution is spread out evenly throughout the knee joint and prevent any joint problems like arthritis. However, injury to the meniscus is extremely common among people below the age of 25 years who are active in sports.

What You Should Know About the DIEP Ism Flap

Get several opinions from different breast reconstruction specialists about how you can benefit from having the DIEP Ism Flap procedure. You can end up with a more attractive and feminine figure.

Don’t Let Those Bunions Get Out of Hand

Avoid tight and uncomfortable shoes that put unnecessary stress on your feet. You don’t want to develop bunions. If you suffer from them, seek out professional help to get some relief.

Plumper Lips With Your Plastic Surgeon

A woman has many options when it comes to having plumper lips. A visit with a plastic surgeon might help you decide between injections or implants.

Is the “Weak-End” Sabotaging You? 3 Ways to Make Downtime Work for You

Saturday and Sunday can quickly morph from a relaxing break into a period lacking the self-care we work so hard to have during the week. Don’t set yourself up for a whole week of stress and struggling to catch up. Here are three “weak end” stumbling blocks to avoid.

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