7 Unusual Signs That You’re Vitamin D Deficient

The Interrelationship Between Patient Empowerment, Health Literacy and Patient Engagement

The terms patient empowerment, health literacy and patient engagement which are mantras of healthcare reform can be somewhat confusing because of the variation in definitions based on the user, but when analyzed in their relationship to each other the meanings become clearer. Health literacy is a means to an end. Patient empowerment is a process utilizing the means, and patient engagement is the end product of the two.

Herbs and Drugs – Be Informed to Make Safe Choices

Should you include herbs or prescription drugs in your health care choices – or only one, or neither or both? Read on to inform your choices…

The Cholesterol Myth Or Is It Something Else?

Another day, another myth! No wonder our blood pressure is rising with all this information-overload and it may not even be caused from cholesterol. Studies will be ongoing and conflicting reports are not uncommon. However, it does trigger the memory box. For the ones old enough cast back your mind to the fifties and sixties where breakfast consisted of bacon and eggs with the odd sausage drawn in or even a lamb chop or a small piece of steak, washed down with a coffee. Can you remember seeing many obese people or any of the severe sickness that we are having today? Remember: All this was good; diet wasn’t an issue, the word stress was hardly known then. Along came the advisers and experts telling us we should change to better food for breakfast like cornflakes, rise bubbles and coco pops etc. This was the beginning of the processed food industry, the start of sickness, disease and cholesterol.

Boxing Is Hard To Beat As A Great Workout

When you think of an exercise that is both fun and an effective way to combat stress, tone muscles and burn fat does boxing come to mind? If not, it definitely should because boxing is an amazing way to sculpt your body while providing you with great enjoyment.

Finding A Doctor In A New City: Offline and Online

If you move to a new city, it is often takes a bit of effort to find a good doctor for the needs of you and your family. One way to find a reliable doctor is to search online and read other patient’s reviews and recommendations.

Five Fabulous Fat Fighting Tips

Making the changes that will encourage a lifestyle of healthy eating is not an overwhelming task. Those simple change along with enough exercise, will improve your health, your energy level and your overall physical fitness.

A Good Chiropractor Will Re-Align Your Spine

This is the time that a chiropractor can be helpful. Many times, the body goes out of alignment in the spine and neck. This can affect many areas of the body when this occurs.

The Plain Truth About Drug and Alcohol Testing

Maintaining a safe working environment has not only become a matter of priority to many employers because it is good practice and required by the law but in most cases it is a life and death issue. Many organizations have put some form internal checks in their practice even though this can be quite tricky to implement due to a number of logistical issues. There are many things you need to know clearly about the positives of a drug and alcohol testing program and how to deal with any anticipated negative outcomes that could arise.

6 Steps to Stay Fit and Healthy in Middle Age

Are you entering middle age? The article below suggests 6 steps to lead a healthy life as you enter your forties. The body no longer adjusts to binging. Huge calories are not easily digested. Pains and aches become a constant pattern of life. An adult just needs to be more cautious and health-conscious. These 6 steps can make adulthood a zest-filled age.

What It Takes To Be A Yoga Teacher

In recent times, yoga has gained popularity and more and more people want to join it. Due to increase in the number of interested parties, it would be lucrative to seek a career as a yoga teacher. If you are planning on being a yoga teacher, here are the things that you need to satisfy.

4 Ways To Get Rid Of Tonsil Stones

What are Tonsil stones? Some people are prone to get tonsil stones. When harmful substance gets accumulated in the mouth, it forms lumps of hard mass.

Water Filtration: The Dangers of Water That Is Too Clean

The demand for filtered water and water filtration systems for homes and offices has been growing steadily for years, representing a consistent, multi-billion dollar industry. This is largely because over 3.3 million people die annually from disease caused by poor water quality (WHO), and most people realize that it’s smart to make sure your water is clean to prevent disease and illness. But can water that is too clean be dangerous to your health? Unfortunately, the answer is ‘yes’, and there are multiple…

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