8 Better Ways To Boost Your Morning Energy Other Than Coffee

How many of you head straight to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee as soon as you wake up there is no denying that coffee gives you that instant energy boost but caffeine addiction may cause withdrawal symptoms and panic attacks look we’re not saying to ditch your morning coffee but other alternatives will also keep you energized throughout the day in today’s video we’ll talk about eight alternatives for your morning energy fix other than coffee can coconut water become your morning drink what about apple’s we’ll be discussing all of these and more number one coconut water coconut water has become a trendy beverage recently it’s packed with nutrients and minerals that offers stunning health benefits coconut water is naturally sweet and super high draining it offers electrolyte like potassium calcium and magnesium being rich in potassium coconut water enhances muscle contraction and generates energy drinking coconut water first thing in the morning is very beneficial for you it contains lord acid which kick starts your metabolism i’m promoting weight loss and energizing you at the same time when you wake up in the morning your body is very dehydrated since coconut water is rich and electrolyte it helps to restore fluid and electrolyte balance in your body hold on there’s more if you prefer to work out in the mornings coconut water is the perfect drink for you for an added energy boost drink coconut water before your workouts you can even drink it after coconut water hydrates you replenish is your lost electrolyte and also helps fight fatigue and exhaustion the magnesium and coconut water not only aids energy production but also prevents cramps and spasms potassium and coconut water helps to reduce exercise induced cramps and lower blood pressure levels studies have suggested that coconut water improve exercise performance better than water or any other sports drink coconut water provides calcium which helps your body recover and repair your bones post exercise so coconut water can be your goto natural sports drink as commercial ones are loaded with added sugars colors and preserve do you like drinking coconut water what do you prefer fresh from the coconut or from a pack sound off in the comments section and start a conversation with our best d community number two black tea if you want your morning drink to have caffeine try black tea it contains less caffeine than your regular coffee when ms i your hot cup of joe black tea is a great alternative since it’s rich in antioxidants black tea offers impressive health benefits it refreshes you and gives you that much needed energy boost when you wake up black tea works wonders for improving alertness and focus all thanks to caffeine and an amino acid called l cnn studies suggest both these compounds promote relaxation and allow you to focus more in addition to boosting energy black tea also increases accuracy and attention so sipping on some black tea will give you the energy to attend long and endless assume meetings as a bonus black tea may improve your gut health reduce blood pressure and sugar levels and lower your wrist cancer number three bourbon monterey have you ever tried yoga monterey it’s an herbal tea that’s very popular in south america it’s said that you are my pay has the strength of coffee the health benefits of tea and the joy of chocolate you’re a monte is rich in antioxidants and benefits your health in many ways if you don’t like black tea your mum i’ll tell you as an option for you it contains less caffeine than coffee you ever monday is known to boost energy levels and improve mental focus just like any other caffeinated beverage your mind say also makes you feel less tired this herbal tea improves alertness short term recall and reaction time if you drink this tea regularly you may become come increasingly more alert it’s like coffee minus it’s jittery and anxious side effects additionally your vermont taken in an enhanced your physical performance it may improve muscle contractions decrease fatigue and improve sports performance on top of that year but my take is loaded with compounds that hold anti inflammatory properties in vitamin c which boosts your immunity this herbal tea also aids weight loss and lowers blood sugar levels make sure you join our millions of viewers by hitting that subscribe button in staying up to date on all of our great best content number for the v eight plus energy drink if energy drinks are part of your morning ritual then you should try a v eight plus in energy drink a bit healthier than most of the other energy drinks you see v eight plus energy drinks are made with a blend of vegetables and juices combined with green tea extracts this energy drink provides b vitamins that support metabolism it also contains antioxidants and vitamin a eight c n e v eight plus energy drinks contain green tea which boosts energy all thanks to it’s active ingredient caffeine green tea contains less caffeine compared to coffee it keeps you more alert and also enhances your brain function the caffeine in green tea elevates mood reaction time and memory green tea also contains the amino acid else cnn yes the same thing we found

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