8 Common Foods That May Trigger A Migraine

The Gut-Mind-Emotion Dance

This short article touches on the mind-body connection. More specifically, the gut-brain connection and how microbes are so very important to a healthy body and mind. We are 90% microbes after all!

Importance of Cognitive Testing and How It Is Performed

Cognitive testing is an examination performed to determine the cognitive function of a person. A professional mental health practitioner, educational professional or neurologist – depending on the use of the results often conducts these tests. Nevertheless, several standardized tests have been published.

Get Rid of That Nasty Cough for Good!

A cough, especially a persistent one, can be quite troublesome and uncomfortable. Coughs can be caused by an excess of population or by consuming sweets or extremely cold substances. Coughing is also considered by many as a way for the body to remove harmful viruses and mucus which may have accumulated in the throat.

Home Remedies for Molluscum Contagiosum

At home if you have apple cider vinegar, use it to cure Molluscum. Do this by applying the vinegar over the bump and cover the bumpy area with a bandage. This would eliminate the existence of the skin issue, since the inflammation would be brought down in no time using apple cider vinegar.

4 Natural Ways to Eliminate Your Eye Bags

If your work requires you to stay up late at night or you get so caught up playing computer games and watching TV up to the wee hours of the morning, sooner or later you’ll find yourself with unsightly bags under your eyes. But instead of turning to chemicals and so-called eye bag treatments in beauty centers, perhaps you should give natural methods a chance first. At least you know that these are safer.

How To Prepare For Cancer Treatment

Asking the right questions and preparing your body properly can help you be ready for cancer treatment. Find out all the details ahead of time so you can be aware of what to expect.

The Four Best Tips for Flat Abs

A toned and trim mid section is the holy grail of fitness. Switch on the shopping channels and you’ll see a whole host of programmes and gadgets guaranteeing a chiseled torso in no time.

Understanding Simple Stress Relief Techniques

Chronic stress, due to work or family pressure, is causing various health problems in both young and old. However, you can use some simple relaxation techniques that can help you reduce stress and lead a normal, stress free life.

How to Avoid Back Reflection and Laser Damage

Whenever you work with a laser, being alert to the presence of back-reflection, can prevent costly damage to your equipment and your eyes. Back-reflections occur when laser light is reflected backwards enters the laser cavity causing noise which, in turn, causes the laser beam to stray onto a highly reflective surface or the human eye.

Don’t Declare War on Obesity at Your Workplace

The obesity epidemic, and the war on obesity news obsession, seems too magnified right now. Last week the word “obesity” managed to dominate headlines again. The news being, it’s worse than we thought! Surprised?

How Is Medical Transcription Performed And What Are The Advantages?

Medical transcription is a type of profession where in a qualified transcriptionist will convert voice recorded reports into a text format. The reports are basically a doctor’s interaction with his patients during diagnosis and treatment. He/she may dictate the findings and prescriptions into an electronic device and a transcriptionist will then transcribe the dictation. The doctor will then retrieve it when required. Professionals who perform the task of transcribing could be located anywhere around the globe, because the entire process is carried out via computers, internet and other IT devices. A clinic or a hospital can outsource their neurology transcription requirements to any companies specializing in the field of transcribing medical reports.

The Best Greek Honey, Ambrosia of the Gods of Olympus

If you love honey, Greek honey is undoubtedly up there with the finest. Some people consider Thyme honey to be the best Greek honey, preferred by connoisseurs worldwide. There are several reasons why Greek honey is the best.

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