8 Curious Facts About Ancient Women in History That Teachers Don’t Mention

The LEAP Diet: The Ultimate Food Sensitivity Diet Plan

Food sensitivities seem to be on the rise. Whether the symptoms are finally being recognized or the incidence in truly on the rise, more and more people are determining they have one or more food sensitivities.

When Are We Going Home? – The Ever-Present Alzheimer’s Request

Have you ever spent an hour with a toddler, a curious 2-year old with about a million questions? Some of the questions are brand new as the child explores the world. Others have no answers but they ignite the imagination. The third type of question is the one that is repeated over and over: “How many more miles?” “When’s dinner?” “Why do I have to do ____?” This last kind of question is the one that an Alzheimer’s victim might ask three hundred times each day: “When are we going home?” even when you are home and have not left home all day. It is the sort of question that will have you reach deep into your stores of patience, the patience that you must restock every morning, noon, and night as you reply, “In five minutes.”

Would Your Loved One Benefit From a Therapy Dog?

Life changes when a loved one is in a wheelchair. Today, many hospitals, nursing homes, and rehabilitation facilities invite therapy dogs to visit. The specially trained dogs seem to boost patients’ spirits. If your loved one is in a wheelchair, he or she may enjoy a therapy dog.

5-Year Workplace Wellness Trends

I don’t think workplace wellness as it’s practiced today has much of a future. If you’re studying workplace wellness or plan to make a living trying to get people well at a workplace, I’d strongly suggest a plan B (suggestion below). Plan B is going to be much better.

A Bigger Butt Fast – Top Secrets

Let’s face it, sculpting a tighter, rounder, protruding hinder part is what every girl wants, and what every male is naturally drawn to by his internal instincts. Super foods are the missing components working for you, that adds a considerable increase to your efforts from an internal aspect. This benefit could not possibly be achieved by eating, dieting and exercising alone to maximize your output, toward the goal of having a bigger butt fast. These super foods should be taken on a daily basis in one simple application. The top secrets given must be added as a new plan of action, and you will see results happen very quickly.

Urinary Incontinence, An Under-Reported Problem

You may be surprised to learn just how many people are dealing with urinary incontinence. Studies indicate approximately 13 million people are affected. It is important to note incontinence does not just affect the elderly (though it is more common). Urinary incontinence can, and does, affect people of all ages, health status, and gender. However, even with the high numbers of those who report the condition or are seeking treatment, experts predict that is nearly the same number of people who have this problems and are not reporting it. In fact, one study shows that most women wait an average of 6 years after their first incontinent episode before seeing help from a professional. Men are not much better.

What Is ABL?

One of the types of incontinence is accidental bowel leakage, also referred to as fecal incontinence. This is when an individual has a problem controlling their bowels and solid or liquid stool is passed from the rectum. In addition, the person with this condition is unable to reach a toilet in time or may not even have enough anal sensation to know they are having an accidental bowel leakage. This type of incontinence is highly embarrassing for the individual, and often a person with this type of incontinence will not seek out medical care because they are ashamed.

Choosing An Air Medical Service With The Right Medical Flight Equipment

Even though the reasons for the medical flights may vary, whenever someone needs air transportation for medical reasons the plane should be properly equipped with the right medical flight equipment as well as properly trained medical personnel. But how do you go about choosing an air ambulance service? You might start by looking at the reputations of several different services.

Creating An Incontinence Management Plan

Loss of bladder and/or bowel control may seem like an overwhelming problem to deal with. Many people who suffer from this problem, and caregivers for incontinent patients, find themselves frustrated with the many challenges this condition presents.

How To Talk To Your Doctor About Incontinence

When many people first begin experiencing symptoms of the loss of control of bladder or bowel they feel embarrassed and ashamed. Some individuals may not even realize that incontinence is a medical problem.

You Too Can Be Acidic

Healthy foods are high in the pH and often contain nutrients that are high in vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, fiber, chlorophyll, enzymes, phytonutrients and more. Eating high alkaline foods will help you flush acid wastes from the body and start your journey to good health.

Is Your Body Forming Stones?

Gall stones, kidney stones, they’re not just unhealthy, they’re painful and may set you up for surgery. Here’s a simple explanation of what’s going on, and what to do…

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