8 Signs Someone Is Jealous Of You

Can You Increase Height After 18? That’s the Big Question

If you remember well, your teacher told you in science class that girls do not grow taller beyond the age of 18 years; it is to say beyond puberty. Boys who enter the growth phase a little later than their counterparts continue to grow right into their early 20s. How then would manufacturers of height growth supplements justify their claim to help you add inches as an adult? Should we write them off as scams? Not really.

5 Common Sports Injuries That Cause Pain In Your Fingers, Hands, and Wrists

Sports injuries are a common challenge to college and professional athletes. Staying injury free is a goal in order to maximize play time and performance. While many focus on preventing shoulder and knee injuries, injuries to the wrist and hands are also common. Learn more about 5 sports injuries that may affect your fingers, hands, and wrists.

What Is The Difference Between Being Overweight and Being Morbidly Obese?

The terms “overweight”; and “obese” are often thrown around a lot, but what do they really mean? Both terms are labels for a range of weight that is greater than what is considered healthy for a specified height. Being in either category has been shown to increase the probability of diseases and health problems. Both categories are determined by the measure of body mass index, or BMI.

Don’t Miss This Article on Risk

Why We’re Awful at Assessing Risk is a great article. Emotion over logic has profound implications in our ability to set correct priorities in both managing personal health and money. This is a great case for NOT using a risk-based model in wellness programing. Most people just can’t get their heads to process risk data. We seem to overestimate or underestimate real risk factors.

Common Health Issues In The Trucking Industry

Truck driving is a unique profession that, just like virtually any other job, has the potential to cause a variety of types of health issues for those that choose this career. While some of the health issues related to trucking are due to the long hours of sitting and driving, others are more related to lifestyle choices that tend to be common with the industry.

Choosing Durable Workwear

If you’re buying workwear to adorn in an industrial setting, it’s essential that your purchases are up to the job. The more robust your workwear is the better, so it pays to shop around for tough and durable work clothing. Buying cheap clothing is always likely to backfire, as you are likely to need to replace it much sooner than you otherwise would.

Advice on Fitness

Why you need an accountability partner? Do you find it to be a struggle to complete all your scheduled workouts?

Emergency in the ER

Within ten minutes we got the call from E.R. saying they were bringing a 19 year old female, who was brought to the E.R. by her roommate; she had an abortion earlier in the day and when she came back to the dorm, she started bleeding a lot. I worked the nightshift most of my nursing life. I never had any problem sleeping during the daytime, but many people absolutely cannot sleep during the day. The extra money was also nice. I worked as a registered nurse both floor work, endoscopy, and surgery. Surgery on the night shift could be slow, routine, or insane. There were the appendicitis cases, gunshot wounds, ruptured aortas (we called in the heart team for those), broken bones and auto accidents. There were some nights that still stay with me; this is one of them.

The Evolution of Safety Human Factors According to Band-Aid Bob

Health and safety professionals have been focusing improvement efforts on a number of key safety program elements. Many of these professional have not noticed significant improvement to their programs. Other key elements, play a key role in the success of safety that have been overlooked. This article provides a summary of how safety has evolved to a new and exciting era of safety improvement.

The Basic Structure and Function of the Human Kidney

The principles of diffusion and osmosis are used to describe the process of filtration that occurs in both the kidneys and the dialysis treatment machine to remove excess water and waste from the body. Individuals who work as technicians in a dialysis facility must understand these concepts in order to provide high quality care and to educate the public about the importance of kidney health.

Start Getting Healthy Nutrition Series: Part 2 – Trans Fats

Over the years if you found yourself eating a lot of packaged, processed and manufactured foods you can be pretty certain you were consuming trans fats. Historically known as partially hydrogenated oil on ingredient lists but are now classified as trans fats they come from vegetable oils that have been hydrogenated so that they remain solid at room temperature. They also provide more flavor and texture to foods.

How To Motivate Yourself To Reach Your Diet And Nutrition Goals

Do you have trouble with reaching your fitness goals? Finding it hard to motivate yourself then perhaps Neuro – Linguistic Programming can help you! Neuro Linguistic Programming, or NLP for short, is a revolutionary method which can be used to develop your brain and assist you in maintaining high levels of motivation in both fitness and all other areas of your life.

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