9 Alarming Signs Your Body NEEDS More Vitamin C!

The Best Ways to Erase Stretch Marks

Do the other women in your family have stretch marks? If so, there is a good chance that you will get them too, eventually. While that may be bad news, there is also some good news you should know. Today, it is easier than ever to erase these unattractive marks.

Sugar Free Drinks That Taste Great – Make Something Delicious and Healthy For Your Kids

You can make delicious and healthy drinks that your kids will love without adding sugar! This article contains some good guidelines as well as a couple recipes for sugar free drinks.

The Fit, Sexy, And Relaxed Buyer’s Guide To Foam Roller

Over time, your muscles get overworked and tense. So much so that sometimes you feel the urge to stretch while sitting, standing, or even lying down. One effective way to do this is to perform foam rolling exercises, which provide stretching techniques known as self-myofascial release.

Finding A Reputable Hospital For Women

When women are ultimately choosing one of these clinics, they should of course consider both formal and informal reviews. This will give them an idea of which doctors and nurses are the best in the field. If families will be scheduling an appointment, they should call ahead of time to make sure that they can get in.

Pregnancy Week 22 Development: What To Expect And One Beneficial Food

Now that you’re on the 22nd week of your pregnancy, your pregnancy should be more obvious. You have already experienced a lot from this pregnancy on the past few weeks but you should expect more to come on the next couple of weeks. Read this article to get free information about your baby’s progress this week.

Steps for Fall Prevention

More people in the United States die from falling on stairs than in any other country. Fortunately, falling on stairs or tripping on steps are largely preventable. Proper stair design, focused attention, good housekeeping, and well-maintained health can all contribute to fall prevention.

A Heart Health Secret That Will Make You Want To Laugh

There is a different approach to heart health care that requires fewer medical office visits, no special diets or medication requirements and with no arduous daily exercise regimen. This approach offers unlimited possibilities, and has the potential to save several millions of dollars annually in health care costs. Many medical expert endorse this as good medicine and have supportive data that confirms a mind-body connection.

Other Headache Triggers

Electromagnetic Stress is a term used to describe the negative effects of electromagnetic emissions from broadband, wi-fi, cordless phones, computers, phone masts, satellite dishes, fluorescent lights, mobile phones and microwaves. The brain operates by electrical signals, the heart works with it’s own electrical signals. All the above give off an electromagnetic signal – which signal is going to win?

8 Tips for Choosing a Fibromyalgia Health Coach

Choosing the right health coach when you have fibromyalgia is a decision you don’t want to make lightly. Here are 8 tips to help you make the best choice possible.

DIY Injuries

Doing DIY is something taken up by million across the country every year and it is a way of improving the value of a house as well as the general look of the house. However like most things DIY does not come without its risks leaving many people injured for prolonged periods of time. To prevent yourself from receiving these possible injuries there are precaution you need to need to take especially when using so called home power tools, the provider of around 200,000 injuries every year. These numbers could easily be higher but most are not reported.

Eating Disorders II – Bulimia

Bulimia is a condition in which a person having it consumes extremely high quantities of food. This is done compulsively, almost as quickly as finishing which, the person throws out everything of what is eaten.

Vision Without Glasses – It Is Possible?

When it comes to eyesight, millions of people assume that there is only way to see once vision starts to deteriorate, and that’s with glasses. Some go another step and look into contacts or even corrective eye surgery.

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