9 Early Warning Signs Of Vitamin Deficiency

4 Effective Home Remedies For Yeast Infection

A yeast infection is an overgrowth of the fungus Candida Albicans. This fungus is present naturally on the skin as well as inside the body. The infection mostly affects women, but it can also affect men. The commonest symptoms are white vaginal discharge and vaginal itching. There are several over the counter (OTC) and prescription drugs available to cure a yeast infection; however several women prefer to treat the infection with home remedies.

Essential Oil Spotlight: Chamomile

Chamomile has long been used and cultivated by humans as far back as the ancient Greek and Egyptian civilizations. Egyptians used it to cure the ‘ague’ and as an offering to their gods. The Greeks noting its green apple aroma had actually named it after this characteristic. There are 3 major varieties of Chamomile the two most notable being German and Roman Chamomile and the third Moroccan Chamomile. Each are know for their differences in application and use.

The Future of Wellness: Workplaces Must Have Very Low Cost Alternatives

Wellness managers are always under the gun to fund their programs and then justify them. The more expensive the program, the more intense the proof must be that it worked, which has been what all the ROI (return on investment) talk has been about.

Antibiotics Are No Longer Protective – Superbugs And Bacteria Got The Upper Hand!

Over some time now newspaper reports have become more frequent in talking about alarming stories that antibiotics are no longer effective against infection or resistant to bacteria, and some of the reports confirm the superbug has taken over. Without any question, over-use and over-prescription of antibiotics over many years has caused this disaster. The medical profession has acted like cowboys with a quick draw in prescribing and pumping antibiotics into people. But they are not the only ones causing or being the source of that problem, there are others as well. This has become a situation far more critical than first thought. Even the World Health Organisation has declared antibiotic resistance has become a health issue worldwide.

5 All-Star Book Recommendations From the C+ Student

Often a first reaction to a counterintuitive message is to be angry. Kill the messenger! Somebody talk to him, please! Is this guy nuts?

The First Step to Building a Great Health and Wellness Program: Think!

Before you put out an RFP (request for proposal) for an HRA (health risk appraisal), or dive into the new fad called “gamification,” or start scheduling a health fair, or order the pedometers – STOP! Here are some simple questions you should ask first.

Wellness News: Taco and Pizza Consumption Improving the Health of Americans?

I have a long-time friend named, “Taco Dean.” I just started adding the “Taco” part because he discovered the answer to getting Americans healthier while eating a Doritos Locos Taco. (You can’t make this up!)

Workplace Wellness ROI: A Simple Way to Verify

I am no math genius, but I love simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division (+ − X / ). I call it envelope arithmetic. And it’s a powerful tool to help my C+ intellect grasp various concepts.

Anxiety and Acupuncture – The Cure

Life as we know it today has changed completely. We have fuller schedules but we still have only 24 hours in a day. Trying to achieve so much in so little time is taking its toll on everyone.

Louis Pasteur’s Crazy Idea Doctors Were Wrong – And What Wellness Managers Need to Learn From That

Keep in mind the widely respected and emulated French surgeons of the mid-19th century were killing almost all of their patients before Pasteur came along. That means these surgeons ignored similar warnings and cautions from others for decades.

5 Reasons Workplace Wellness ROI Is Much Ado About Nothing

I am not buying into the need to demonstrate a need for their definition of ROI at every workplace. Here are a few things that come to mind when I hear the phrase Return on Investment being used with day-to-day practitioners of wellness programs.

Touch Me in the Morning

Many of us have at one time or another found it very hard to fall asleep. Sometimes this is attributed to a condition like insomnia, but this may not always be the cause. Many times the trouble with sleep has more to do with our sense of safety and how we feel than anything else.

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