9 Foods That Are Destroying Your Kidneys – #Shorts

The Benefits of Day Spa Microdermabrasion and Micro Peel Treatments

If you are visiting a day spa and you’re interested in healthier, younger-looking skin, you may want to consider either microdermabrasion or micro peel treatment. Both of these techniques will have your skin feeling revitalized.

Healthy Eating Should Include A Low Sodium Diet To Help Lower Blood Pressure

Close to three-quarters of adult Americans are overweight and over a third are obese. One in every three adult Americans has high blood pressure, putting them at a higher risk for heart disease, heart attack and stroke. There are countless diet plans, exercise regimes, and miracle drugs available promising to help you lower blood pressure and weight. What it really comes down to is healthy eating and a low sodium diet.

Top Fitness Apps for Personal Trainers

With smartphone fitness apps becoming more sophisticated by the day, you can find some excellent (and FREE!) personal training apps to help boost your fitness activity. Fitness apps are pretty handy to have on your phone, to keep you motivated and training hard.

Are You Always Eating on the Run?

This week’s article was “inspired” by something I saw on the freeway a few weeks back. I was following a car that was going a little too slow so I passed it and what did I see? Lo and behold a woman eating her lunch, or maybe even breakfast although it was 1 p.m. out of a bowl with a spoon driving 70 miles an hour. You know I’m big on eating regular meals, but this is ridiculous – don’t you think? Not only is this practice obviously dangerous, but also it’s not the best way to eat a meal.

Vascular Surgery As Treatment for Atherosclerosis

Clogged arteries, or atherosclerosis, can lead to a heart attack. Vascular surgery is often recommended as treatment for this life-threatening condition.

Three Ways To Evaluate Your Dentist

A trip to the dentist may seem intimidating, but it’s an important part of good oral health. Consider these tips to ensure you’re getting quality dental service.

Natural Tips to Prevent Premature Balding

If you are looking for the best hair care treatment, you will discover many products available in the market at competitive prices. However, if you are concerned about the loss of your hair, this can be prevented by using natural products. You need to understand that people lose about 70 of them daily.

Four Vital Tips For Healthy Living

One of the big issues many people deal with these days is that they want to be more healthy and lose more weight. Here is a look at some thing that will help you do both!

Lipo Surgery – The Art Of Reshaping The Body

Liposuction or lipo surgery remains to be in the top spot when it comes losing fat fast. Experts who perform the procedure, on the other hand, promote that it is more than reducing the unwanted fats in the body. To them, it is the art of reshaping the entire body. As a follow-up to such statement, they explain that bodies generally have parts that are not proportionate to the other parts. Heredity is the cause of this and this can only be corrected by a procedure that directly addresses the issue.

Fifty-One Years of Smoking

I smoked for fifty-one years. Ten day ago, that changed. I no longer smoke. Let me tell you my story.

How to Get a Job As a Hospital Pharmacist

Interested in a career as a hospital pharmacist? Look no further! This article will give you the main requirements, job duties, and tips and advice on how you can find a job as a hospital pharmacist.

Using Mobility Equipment To Make Life Easier

This article looks at the benefits of mobility equipment and how it can help those that need a little extra support. Mobility equipment covers a huge range of products and some of the options are discussed here.

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