9 Health Risks You Face When You Ignore This Powerful Nutrient

The Numerous Olive Oil Health Benefits for All

The olive tree was originally found in Asia about 3000 years ago, and had been widely used since then as a remedy to heal wounds. But it was the Mediterranean man who first realized the true worth of an olive, using it as much more than just a healer.

For Superior Health and to Sleep More Efficiently, Here Is What to Eat and Not Eat

There has been quite a lot of research on the effect late night eating has on weight gain, and unfortunately there are conflicting views. There is a school of thought that says it doesn’t matter when you consume fat, the body will deal with it the same, day or night. Other studies say that the time when you consume anything will have a great bearing on how your body processes it. They cite shift workers who eat at odd hours having a higher propensity to be overweight. Whatever argument you happen to adhere to, most of us eat something before bedtime, and what that is will have an important bearing on our weight.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids – Its Importance and Why You Should Never Avoid Them in Your Diet

The inclusion of omega 3 fatty acids in your diet cannot be stressed enough as they are necessary for proper functioning of all the vital organs of your body. They are essential acids and found in large quantities in fish and fish oils, nuts, dairy products, poultry and meat. As your body cannot produce these fatty acids, you will have to obtain them through your diet.

5 Great Tips to Help Stop Sugar Addiction

If you are a sugar addict you may be wondering if it’s ever possible to stop! The good news is that I quit sugar and you can too. Learn how to control the sugar instead of the sugar controlling you. These are my favorite tips for beating sugar addiction.

Are You Are Depressed, Is Food Addictive?

I do believe food is addictive, and as we move through middle age, the things that used to work, sabotage us now that we are older. Fine tuning to eat real food is what it takes.

Circumstances Around Nutrition and Physical Fitness Program Myths

Sometimes, we view nutrition as an unwelcome must. The average individual views nutrition as distinct and separate from the food. Nutrition has a ring to it that makes it synonymous to medicines. That is an unfortunate falsehood created by choice. Food and nutrition go hand in hand and may not be alienated from each other.

Exactly What Can I Eat on a Gluten Free Diet

Studies claim that at least 1 in every 133 Americans is affected with celiac disease or gluten intolerance. Those with this problem are unable to take in ingredients that may contain gluten, because the lining in their intestines will be harmed. Most often, gluten is found in wheat, barley and also rye.

Turmeric Health Benefits and Your Recommended Daily Amount

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard of the tremendous turmeric health benefits. You’d like to know more about how this spice can benefit you and your family and your recommended daily amount.

How Vitamin B12 Can Improve Your Health

The more patients that I talk to, the more I see that many of our vague aches and pains come from nutritional deficiencies. And who of us can say that they are getting 100% optimum nutrition? Zero!

Athletes: Eat Breakfast to Perform at Your Best

Many athletes skip breakfast. It is a bad habit that is detrimental to performance. In this article, you will find five quick and easy breakfast ideas to get you started on the right track in the morning.

Are Your Cravings Making You Ill?

A food craving is a biochemical urge usually influenced by flavour, taste, aroma, texture or temperature as well as the memories of pleasure associated with the food. Usually they are due to problems with the nervous system and whilst the biochemistry of how this works is not really fully understood, there are some things that we do know that can be helpful in controlling them.

Drink Beetroot Juice to Boost Iron Deficiency Anemia

Iron deficiency anemia is a common disorder that can be successfully treated with beet juice. It can reverse anemia symptoms of fatigue, weakness, shortness of breath and looking pale. In this article we discuss what is anemia, the causes and symptoms and also include delicious recipes. Drink a pint of Beet juice daily and it will boost your red blood cells, raise your iron levels and increase energy.

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