9 Things That Happen Before And After You Die

The Medical Equipment That Will Be in Hot Demand

The medical manufacturing industry has been booming over the last few decades as a result of developing markets demanding more medical care, populations growing older worldwide, and improved technologies that make better medical equipment. Learn of a few of the medical equipment currently in high demand around the world.

Tired of Being Sick During The Holidays? There May Be a Way to Prevent It

It’s almost like we’re on a schedule or something. From about mid October through December, even into January and February sometimes, we start getting colds, flu, or having other health problems flare up. And we can’t seem to put our finger on the reason why, so it just continues to happen year after year. What is going on? Well, lets think about a couple of things: when it gets cold and damp outside, we tend to spend more time inside, right? Some people even work more to make extra money, so they’re inside at the office more. And, when holidays do come around, some of us are off and spend more time inside our homes with our families, etc. Hmmm… There does seem to be a pattern there. In general, most of us are spending more time indoors than usual during the last quarter of the year and into the first quarter, because of weather, work, or holidays. Could there be a correlation between us getting sick more often because we’re indoors, too? Well, there is a correlation between…

Osteopathy and Maintenance Treatment

Have you ever visited an osteopath and they have suggested that you attend for regular maintenance or “MOT” treatment, and have you thought “is that actually necessary?” This article explains the benefit of regular osteopathy for bodily maintenance.

Breastfeeding Vs Bottle Feeding

Poor children feeding causes malnutrition which is coupled with dehydration due to diarrhea and this claims lives of many children. When you give birth the breast milk is the ideal food for the infants as it contains all the needed nutrients. The advantages of Breastfeeding Versus Bottle Feeding are that the breast milk is always fresh and in the right temperature for the infant.

What Are The Advantages Of Minimally Invasive Surgery For Knee Replacement?

Knee replacement is a surgery that is commonly performed with the intention to replace a knee joint damaged due to degenerative diseases. More than half a million people undergo this surgery yearly and this number is set to increase. As its name suggests, minimally invasive surgery is an invasiveness procedure that involves the usage of small incisions between 3 to 5 inches to carry out the surgery. Unlike its open surgery counterpart, the knee does not need to be cut open and stitched back post operation. This leads to a faster recovery time, shorter hospitalization and better looking aesthetically. In this article, we will look at some of the advantages of minimally invasive procedure (MIP) surgery for knee replacement.

Self Hypnosis for Anxiety

Anxiety tortures many people. Many people suffer either acute or chronic anxiety and they underwent medication treatment, but the outcome was not satisfying, and in some cases, people suffered side effects. If anxiety can’t be cured immediately, it will lead to home suicide and depression, and it causes a significant impact on our daily lives and reduces our quality of life.

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Baby Monitor

A Baby Monitor is a very essential device for new parents especially in this age where most parents have a hectic schedule. Gone are the days when you could spend all the time with your baby as there are so many things that need to be done within a limited time frame. Baby video monitors come in different shapes, sizes, brands and even technologies.

Osteopathy: How It Improves Your Health And Well-Being

Osteopathy, or popularly known as osteopathic medicine is a system of healthcare. It focuses on defensive care for the different parts of the body. Essentially, the concept of this treatment is correcting an abnormality often caused by a disease, causing alterations in the normal anatomy.

Headaches? Check for These Common Causes

Headaches can be so distracting and painful and worrisome. It’s enough to give you a headache. Get to the root of them by checking for these common causes.

3 Super Sweet Fruits That Give You Amazing Energy

If you are like the majority of Americans, you have to have your sweet tooth fix on more occasions than necessary through out the day. Last year, a Forbes article revealed a fact that the average American consumes 22 teaspoons of sugar a day while children are consuming 32 teaspoons a day.

Cut the Sodium

Sodium is an important mineral required for the proper functioning of our body. The body uses sodium to control blood pressure and blood volume. It is also needed for your muscles and nerves to work properly. Sodium is the primary electrolyte that regulates the extracellular fluid levels in the body.

Non Medical Home Care Providers Give Seniors Their Independence Back

One of the hardest things that your aging parent may have to face is the thought of giving up the independence which they have enjoyed for so many years. Moving into a care center or even into the home of one of their children can be very difficult for a parent. Some elderly adults experience a more rapid decline in health when they have lost their independence. One way to avoid this loss of independence is through the use of a non medical home care provider.

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