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What To Eat If You Want To Grow Taller

Wondering whether you will grow tall or stay short? As a matter of fact, your fate is already written by your genes. There is a strong bond between height and genetics that neither of us can deny. However, it would be wrong to place the responsibility solely on our genes. What we eat and how active we are also has a say in our final height for a nutritious diet and regular exercise allows a child or individual to reach his or her full growth potential.

Find Out How Eggs Can Boost Your Health and Even Help Combat Obesity

Eggs have been demonized for a long time by being cited as unhealthy due to their “high” cholesterol content. However, new studies have given them a clean bill of health and even gone a step further to recommend consumption of at least one egg per day in order to reap optimal nutritional benefits.

6 Top Treatments for Managing Heartburn

A chronic case of heartburn caused by a digestive disorder like gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) can result in wide-ranging complications. Leaving acid reflux untreated can lead to serious health issues, including cancer of the esophageal.

Interested in Leading A Healthy Lifestyle? Things That You Should Do

If you are one of the people who want to lead a healthy lifestyle, here are a few things that you should do to have the lifestyle of your dreams. It’s all about the diet ‘You are what you eat’ is a popular line that is true. For you to be healthy, you need to eat right. This means that you need to ensure that the food that you eat contains all the necessary nutrients.

Diet Plan To Lose Weight

This article will explain to everyone the simplistic nature of weight loss that you very rarely hear in mainstream health and fitness news. I am totally convinced that if you follow what you read here, you will lose weight. No doubt about it!

Learning What Gluten Is and How to Begin Eating Gluten Free

This article gives anyone the basics of beginning a gluten free diet. You will learn what gluten is and how to avoid it!

Quinoa Is Important in a Gluten Free Diet

Eating gluten free can leave a person looking for foods that are filling and satisfying. Quinoa is a great alternative that can help to fill the void and get rid of hunger!

Take Your Career In Fitness To A New Level

With the fast changing trends that come about in the fitness industry; as fitness professionals there is no negotiation when it comes to education. What used to be the perfect science one year is no longer the next and in order to stay current and outrun competitors in the market, personal trainers need to stay up to date, keep learning and keep challenging their grey matter! In order for personal trainers to gain respect and credibility as professionals in the health and wellness sectors it’s something that they all need to play a part in to impact on the industry…

Can We Trust Health Information on the Internet?

It’s a wonderful thing, the Internet; providing us with a seemingly endless fountain of information and knowledge. Because I write about health and wellness topics, I depend on this fountain to provide me with resources that are helpful, current, and most importantly, honest and reliable! There’s the question: How reliable is the health information we review and read on this vast Web resource? What can we trust, what should we avoid? There are ways to get connected to trusted resources. Read on to find out how we can maneuver our way through the hype and misinformation that abounds on the Internet.

What I Learned From Cesar Millan About Medicine

What I learned from watching Cesar Millan rehabilitating dogs and how it applied to my medical practice. How posture affects moods and emotions.

How to Find Motivation To Workout and Double the Effect in 10 Days

How to overcome procrastination and find motivation to workout regularly. It is easy to start exercising, but it is much easier to quit. This article includes Anti-procrastinating Strategies and motivational tips.

Musculoskeletal Health Guide: Relevance Of Correct Posture System To The Human Body

Good and correct posture is important as it not only contributes to a person’s skeletal health but also to the individual’s nervous system. Read the article to learn more about how to integrate correct posture system to your daily activities.

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