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Top Ten Tips for Creating Healthy Habits in the New Year

A new year, a new you… it’s the resolution almost everyone makes, the one which the majority of people don’t see through to the end let alone past January. Who doesn’t want to be a little healthier, fitter, perhaps lose the few pounds we might have gained over the Christmas period? The problem for most of us is that we enter the New Year all guns blazing with unrealistic expectations, unmaintainable goals and no real concrete objectives of how we plan on achieving them.

Negative Effects of Bee Pollen

Despite the fact that bee pollen is rich in essential nutrients and provides relief against a number of health conditions, it has certain side effects that we must not ignore. People allergic to this substance should be extremely careful before using any type of bee product.

Benefits of Honey and Bee Pollen

Honey and Bee Pollen, besides serving as the most popular sweeteners, offer a number of advantages that humans can benefit from. Besides being highly rich in nutrients, they also possess a number of therapeutic qualities that provide instant relief against a number of ailments.

5 Reasons Raw Foods Are Critical to Mens Fitness

Hello, I am writing today about a long overlooked subject in fitness routines. It is the differences and benefits of raw foods over cooked foods. Some foods have to be cooked like meats, eggs, etc.

Any Reputed Natural Health Centre Offers Permanent Cure for Neurological and Respiratory Problems

Those who suffer from muscle pain or arthritis related problems know very well how these can disrupt your normal activities. You won’t be able to move or work freely. Even, performing daily chores can be very difficult.

Health Risks Associated With GM Food

There is some research that indicates health risks associated with GM food like accelerated aging, introduction of high levels of toxins and allergens into your body, building resistance to antibiotics and above all low nutrient content. These are potential health risks that hold much water and so you should be careful to heed to.

GMO Products in America – An Overview

Medical reports state that when a new protein present in GMO foods enters the human body, it stimulates an immune response. The system produces antibodies to react, resulting in allergy. GMO foods are also regarded to be low in nutrients, compared to the regular crops.

Wonders of Whey

Whey Protein Powders are protein supplements from whey, the by Product liquid in making cheese. Milk is made of two major proteins namely casein and whey. Casein is removed in solid form and made into cheese.

Proper Nutrition and a Balanced Diet Are Prerequisites for Muscle Building

Good health is your greatest wealth and most people consider it more important than anything that you can achieve in the world. Since good health automatically leads to greater longevity, its stock is growing by the day, and more and more people are getting obsessed to live a regulated healthy life and attain good health, for which a fit body is a mandatory requirement. Some people carry the fit body routine to the next level of fitness with a well-built muscled body.

Eat, Drink and Still Shrink

The first step to losing weight most of the time is actually eating MORE calories. When I talk to people or they come to me for advice they often tell me they are eating around 1,000 calories and not seeing any kind of change in their body.

Which Is The Best Water Filtration Method?

Did you know, that if you change one of the top three essentials for life, that you can change your reality! We have made an amazing difference in our personal lives through the use of restructured water. It has been life changing for us, our plants, our animals, our relationships and everything around us. How is this possible? In changing the quality of one of the basic necessities of life, i.e.using a pure, energetic and memory free water, we can begin to observe what is possible when water reaches it’s fullest potential. It literally cleanses and changes everything it touches. This water mimics spring water and rain water, which is the beverage nature intended us to drink.The positive energy field of our whole property watered by this water, reaches 1000 feet and changes our neighbors lives too. Read on to be as amazed as we still are…

3 Reasons Why Diets Alone Don’t Work

OK, so you may have overdone it over the festive season so it’s time to try the latest diet. But wait, just a diet may not be the answer.

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