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The Advancement in the Field of Oncology

Specifically speaking, the field of medicine known as oncology is related to the diagnostic treatment of cancer. The word is a Greek word derivative which means “bulk” or a “mass” which thereby refers to a cancerous or a tumorous mass.

The Efficacy of Radiology

Radiology is that line of medical specialty which focuses on studying, diagnosing and treating ailments inside the human body through the use of imaging. Because technology has met rapid evolvement, there are a number of different techniques that radiologists now apply to get useful images of the inside of the human body.

The Marvels of the Cardiovascular System

The major components of the cardiovascular system include the heart and the complete structure of blood vessels. These blood vessels include veins and arteries, which together make up the intricate network throughout the body.

The Respiratory System Explained

The existence of the human body is made possible due to a lot of significant organ systems and processes. Each one has its due importance and is indispensable; one such major organ system is the respiratory system.

The Importance of Neurology

Neurology is a branch of medical science that deals with the nervous system disorders. Specifically, this study deals well with diagnosis and treatment of the diseases that involve the peripheral, central, and autonomic nervous systems.

On Top of Old Smoky

Actually it all took place “On Top of Old Winnemucca Mountain” and then again, only halfway up that peak, a mighty force of 14 plus two grandkids, trekked with 200 gallons of purple whitewash, buckets, and mops to transform the gathered rocks into a symbol of Alzheimer’s Awareness and to honor caregivers. The “W” looks over this community and has donned many coats of paint over the year from school colors, to St. Patricks’ green, to pink for breast cancer awareness.

Some Basics to an Improved Overall Health and Well Being

Good health often stands out as the differentiating factor in our lives. And even though good health can sometimes be difficult to define, it has a lot to do with our everyday energy levels, general fitness and also one’s feel good factor!

It Is Actually Like Brain Surgery!

Neurology focuses on the nervous system. This includes the spinal column, the brain and all the nerves that travel around the body.

Looking Inside the Human Body

Radiology is the technological side of medicine responsible for the imaging of the body’s internal organs. Radiology has developed recently to also include treatment of some life threatening diseases.

Why You Need Your Kidneys

Nephrology is a very specific part of medical biology that focuses on the kidneys. Although you can live without one of the two of them, they are very important for homeostasis.

Causes and Treatments of Constipation

Constipation is a common disease that affects at least 30% of the world’s population. It has many causes and thus, may require many different treatments.

The Structure of the Brain

Neuropsychology is a very specific area of medical science that deals with the brain. It focuses on the structure, the function and any possible problems that could occur in the brain.

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