Are These 21 Foods High In Potassium Really Good For Lowering Blood Pressure?

Why Do We Get Funny Elbows?

Do you remember the first time you hit your elbow against a wall or tripped and landed on that terribly sensitive part of your arm? What you really experienced was your first encounter with your ulnar nerve.

Himalayan Salt Offers Many Health Benefits

People who are looking at becoming healthier may choose to turn to natural products to help them. They can detoxify their body and start feeling better. Himalayan salt helps to release the body’s natural energy too.

Causes And Symptoms Of Osteomyelitis

Osteomyelitis in an inflammation of the bone, usually the bone marrow and the surrounding bone tissues due to an infection. It is a rare but extremely serious condition. Once infection occurs, the bone marrow will swell up and this will hinder blood from flowing properly. When this happens, the bone cells will not get sufficient oxygen from the blood and may lead to the bone dying. We will discuss about the causes and symptoms of Osteomyelitis in this article.

Surgical Accessories

These days, most people are on the go, even they do not have sufficient time to take care of themselves. At last, in one way or the other all would end up in a health risk. The reasons that affect one’s health can be due to many reasons like accidents, cancer, genetic diseases or any other infections.

Why Your Doctor May Not Take Your New Obama Care Card

Changes in healthcare insurance is on everyone’s mind. Its in the media, the papers, the posts, the blogs, everywhere. With the turn of the new year and Obama Care in action, it seems that for the moment, the health insurance industry is at the forefront of many conversations.

Tired of Brain Fog? Eating Well For a Clear Head and a Healthy Body

Do you find it becoming more and more difficult to concentrate? Do you find yourself struggling to remember simple things throughout your day? Brain fog may be your problem.

Eating To Enhance Performance

With the flood of low-carb diets out there, carbohydrates seem to have taken a back seat in nutritional importance to protein. This is actually a huge mistake for those looking to build muscle. In this article I explain to you what you need to eat to make sure you train at your highest level.

Want to Keep Your Bathroom Clean? Start Using Toilet Seat Covers Now!

The utilization of toilet seat covers is highly recommended in order to make sure that you avoid coming in contact with germs and bacteria found in bathroom. Available in individual packs, make sure that you purchase them now!

How to Prevent Injuries With a Balanced Diet

We’ve all heard the term “a 4-6 week recovery”. That heart retching sentence that eats you up inside. Whether it’s a strain, pull, sprain, tear or even a fracture.

Am I Thin Enough? What’s on Ballerina’s Minds

Ballerinas are under intense pressure. These pressures can be self-inflicted or second handed by directors, colleagues or media. These pressures include mental, physical, cultural, and emotional and brings up the question how much is too much?

How Do Ballet Dancers Stay in Shape While Not Dancing?

Ballet dancers are known for their beauty, fluidity, artistry, elegance and poise. But how do they keep their bodies and minds in shape? Is just ballet enough?

Do You Have Gum Disease? Know the Signs

Most people will go most of their lives with gum disease and never realize there is a problem. The biggest mistake people make is avoiding the dentist, rather than having regular checkups, which could catch the problem early and fix it within a few simple steps.

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