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Avoiding Inflammatory Foods

A well-balanced diet can help fight many of the illnesses people are faced with every day. Some of these foods have anti-inflammatory compounds, which can deter the body from such diseases. As a result, avoiding inflammatory promoting foods and consuming more natural anti-inflammatory foods will greatly reduce the number of illnesses. Here are just a few of the foods that you should avoid which often sets the stage for these inflammatory illnesses.

Camu Camu Berry – Do You Need a Mood Lift That Also Supports Your Health?

With the busy complex world we are all living in it’s no wonder so many people are looking for a mood lifter. Along with something to make you feel better, be happier and boost up your health, you’d like more energy as well. If you’re not into using drugs whether they’re pharmaceutical or illicit drugs, if you’re not into caffeine energy shot drinks filled with synthetic chemicals and you’re not finding what you need through exercise or your diet. Then I want to introduce you to a little cherry size berry that grows down in the Amazon Rainforest of Brazil and Peru. The reason I think this specific little fruit can be a solution for lifting your mood, providing energy, helping make you healthier and happier is mainly because that’s what it does for me. I don’t expect or want you to just take my word for it. There are some specific components and information about this little fruit that supports my experience over the nearly 4 years I have been consuming Camu Camu on a daily basis.

Eating Organic Foods Is Part of A Health Plan for Your Gluten Free Diet

How to be healthy is a subject with a wide swath of opinions. There are opinions about a vast group of different special diets. The negative health symptoms from eating certain foods is a very big challenge today. Gluten sensitivity is one of those symptomatic challenges that so many people are dealing with, including you perhaps. As you explore and venture onto a gluten free diet you may or may not see that all your troubling symptoms are going away. All these symptoms you had hoped eliminating gluten would solve. Perhaps some symptoms have stopped or have eased but others that you thought might relate to gluten are still causing you grief.

Healthy Food Tips: The Harmful Side Effects of Sugar

Research shows that American people eat their weight in sugar each year. More than half of them consume 180 pounds of sugar per year. Sugar is a major contributor to all forms of degenerative diseases, from cancer and diabetes to arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

This Drink Can Turn It All Around

We have all felt it, that lull that overcomes us from time to time whether it be from a long day of work, a long trip, a cloudy day, or many days removed from the gym it is something that can easily derail you on the path to reaching your goals no matter what that goal is. It is almost like a sporting event with two teams competing against each other. Each team is looking for that momentum shift to help propel them to a victory.

Igniting The Fire Inside – How To Speed Up Your Metabolism

There is a “fire” burning inside each of us that runs our bodily functions. It’s called metabolism. Today we’ll explore the functions of the metabolism and benefits of speeding up your metabolic rate. What is metabolism? In essence the metabolism is the chemical process of your body used to create energy.

Raw Food Detox Diet For Seniors

This short article looks at the many benefits of a raw food detox diet for the elderly. As we age we face many difficult health issues such as brittle bones, thinning hair and age spots. Many people don’t realize that diet does affect our health in more ways than just our weight.

Change Your Frequency, Change Your Body

Another strategy I use that I again borrow from Abraham-Hicks is the Upstream Downstream process. The way it works is that any time you have a thought that is resistant to what you want, you are going Upstream, but when you reverse the thought and get to a better-feeling feeling, you’re turning your oar in the stream in the opposite direction and you start going Downstream, which is what you want because then you are no longer resisting and your desire can easily flow to you. Remember, everything you want is really 2 subjects: wanting it and not…

Basic Guide To Eating Paleo Foods

The Paleo Diet has grown in popularity in recent years, with very good reason, as it’s based on millions of years of human evolution. Here is a basic guide to eating paleo foods so you can lose weight and achieve optimal health.

Produce Traceability And Trace Back From Field To Fork, A Milestone For The Safety Of Fresh Produce

Today, in a market that continues going towards a wide-scale integration of a universal food and produce traceability system, PTI (produce traceability initiative), now in its fourth year of existence, has established several milestones (seven milestones to be precise) to mark its progress of implementation. The final milestone is to read and store information on all outbound cases, which is essentially whole-chain traceability. The final milestone was due to be met in 2012, which insiders say now is unlikely industry wide. However, progress is moving forward and some of the largest retail chains will likely meet the final milestone this year, which no doubt will impact many in the industry.

Find Out Why A Gluten Free Whole Foods Diet Is Better For You

A whole foods diet does not mean a diet of foods from Whole Foods Market. A gluten free diet of whole foods means that you eat a diet that consists of only the complete food. No food isolates or foods that are refined, diluted, rearranged or manipulated by man (or woman). Whole foods means you eat food in the form that mother natures delivers it. Your grains are whole not refined and processed into a different substance with the same name. There is a huge body of evidence that eating a whole foods diet is the healthiest was to eat. If you are eliminating gluten then you still eat the whole foods just not any wheat, rye, barley or oats ( unless you grow and process the oats yourself). Oats are acceptable in a gluten free diet except that most commercial oats are processed in the same machinery that wheat is, so too often there are trace amounts of wheat mixed with the oats.

Healthy Eating: The Surprising Benefits of Calcium

Calcium is essential for your overall health, but most people are not getting enough. Increasing calcium intake can be difficult, especially for those who do not like or do not tolerate dairy products. This natural compound is lost daily through skin, hair, nails, urine, and sweat. If the calcium lost is not replaced, your body will take it from the bones.

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