Atherosclerosis (Medical Definition) | Quick Explainer Video

2012 Performance Recap

2012 is coming to a close, and it’s been a very busy year so far! We had the Olympics, the Presidential election, etc… but from the wellness and athletic standpoint, many leading sports performance breakthroughs in information as well. Here is the recap, from exercise to movement to nutritional supplements.

The Delicious Japanese Natto: A Unique Source of Probiotics

The perseverance and ingenuity of the Japanese can be seen not only in their culture and history, but also their cuisine. Famed for their delicious sushi, ramen, and wide array of seafood, Japan is one of the best places to go to if you’re looking for peculiar but delicious dishes.

Does Buying Organic Make A Difference?

I read an interesting statistic the other day where it was revealed that you have to eat 5 apples today to get the same nutrition found in 1 apple in 1960. If that holds true, that means we only get 20% of the nutrition we think we’re getting in our food.

Healthy Things to Eat for Breakfast For Quick Weight Loss

Did you know that there are fruits that will help you with getting rid of excess weight in your body? In this short article we will explore some fruits to eat for breakfast, their benefits to your overall health, and how they can help with your weight loss journey.

Nutritional Considerations in Diets for the Elderly

As the body ages and slows down, nutrition becomes an increasingly important consideration. While proper nutrition is essential to healthy aging, diet planning for the elderly isn’t particularly complicated in most cases. There are simply certain health and nutritional concerns to be aware of so that those specific dietary needs can be met.

Is Nutrition Plagued By Conspiracy?

Over the past few weeks breaking into the beginning of this year it seems like there is an overwhelming amount of different products to hit the health and wellness market. Buy this Omega-3 supplement, or eat this digestive regulating yogurt, or start yourself on an aspirin regimen to help maintain heart health–all of those different sales pitches are probably resonating in the ambient noise in your home as you read this. Even products that have been on the market for years have dramatically altered their own sales pitches putting that healthy spin on it in order…

First Steps to Healing Your Body From Within Always Starts With Knowledge

Firstly, acknowledging that you no longer wish to be a part of the ‘charade of being’ – but having compassion for those who know no different – for they know not what they do. Many are just plain crooked. They have yet to come face to face with themselves where the grimace they will see and the illusion they labour under is soon to drag them to their knees. Believe me, ultimately each and every one of us sees the error of our ways. It is only a matter of time. See knowledge.

Is Organic Produce More Nutritious and What Are the Benefits of Organic Food?

Saw this article from the World’s Healthiest Food newsletter and wanted to share. Below is a summary of recent studies demonstrating the benefits of organic food and what to expect between organic vs non organic produce.

Benefits of Chamomile

Chamomile has seen its popularity rise over the past several years yet it’s an herb that’s been used for centuries. Some of the benefits of chamomile include it being an anti-inflammatory (natural painkiller, so to speak), treatment for colds and fevers, used to treat stomach ailments and as a relaxant, both as a sleeping aid and to calm anxiety.

Cheap Health Meals: Polenta Cake

One of the keys to cheap healthy meals is to have stores of dried vegetables, legumes and grains, ideally grown locally and organically. This is a good way, especially with corn the main ingredient of polenta cake, to insure it is not a GMO product. This also provides great savings on the grocery bill avoiding expensive out of season fresh veggies in the winter.

You Are What You Eat For Lunch – Performance Gets Results!

Increase your fitness levels and quality of life through careful selection of your lunch menu choices. You really can eat for performance! Performance gets results so choose the nutrition your body requires to feed your mind and be the best today!

Healthy Eating: Build the Perfect Breakfast

We all know that eating breakfast is important for our health, but what exactly to eat can sometimes be a mystery. If you’re loading up on sugar and junk carbohydrates, you’re not really getting the benefits that eating breakfast has to offer. Learn about the three macro-nutrients every breakfast should have and get some great examples as to where you can find them.

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