Auto-triggering (Medical Definition) | Quick Explainer Video

The Benefit Of Probiotics

Probiotics are defined as live micro-organisms that bring significant health benefits to the body when taken in an appropriate amount. The most common forms of intestinal probiotics are L. acidophilus and Bifidobacteria bifidum.

Protandim and Oxidative Stress

Our bodies already contain the information on how to effectively combat oxidative stress and chronic inflammation. That information is stored in our genes. The secret lies in being able to instruct cells regarding the implementation of that information. Protandim does just that.

The Role of Nutrition in Weight Loss

A lot of people spend countless hours as the gym, believing they are going to lose loads of weight your nutrition is Key. This article touches on the importance of nutrition…

Foods You Thought Were Healthy That Aren’t

Many people today are amazed at how much the online industry, not to mention the social media world has evolved and developed so much from where it used to be a few years back. A lot of advances have been very beneficial to everyone. But it’s not only the online and social media world that’s progressed impressively; in fact, even people’s reception and response to specific health issues and concerns have changed. Remember how our grandparents or their generation reacted to diagnosis of certain illnesses such Diabetes, heart diseases and other serious health conditions? It was almost as if fate has turned its back on them for acquiring such illness.

Nutrition Principles

A lot of people today have turned into the habit of living healthy, so they do away with unhealthy stuff and the first thing they crash out on the list is the unhealthy food. Most of those who aim at getting healthier keep a list of the food they should NOT eat. But, keeping a healthy lifestyle does not stop at avoiding those things that could make you unhealthy; you also need to embrace those that could be beneficial to your health.

Unhealthy Healthy Food

How can a food be both healthy and unhealthy at the same time? There are dozens of articles about healthy food on the internet. Each list is a little different, but by and large, they all list foods that are reputed to have health-giving benefits. If a food is rich in beneficial nutrients, how can it be unhealthy?

Shakeology Recipes in Different Flavors – Make Your Meal Delightful

People are looking for new tastes and delights. This is reason why most of the people are not inclined to stop eating the junk food, as healthy food items are usually tasteless and become boring for the people.

Tips for Grocery Store Shopping Success

Preparation is the key to a successful grocery shopping experience. Create a budget, prepare a list and stick to the perimeter – read more to see how these tips can help you save money and eat healthier.

Healthy Food Tips: Best Superfoods for Weight Loss

Eating the right foods is essential for a healthy weight loss diet. While you might be tempted to eliminate certain food groups from your diet, this won’t necessarily help you. In fact, you should focus on adding more nutritious foods to your weight loss regimen in order to get rid of excess fat while strengthening your immune system and maintaining your energy.

Asparagus for the Masses

Asparagus is a great gateway vegetable for picky eaters. Here are reasons and a recipe to eat this delicious food today!

Healthy Eating: The Truth About Soy Foods

For centuries, Asian people have been consuming soy products such as tofu, soy sauce, and tempeh. Packed with high quality protein, phytochemicals, and fiber, soy seems a healthful choice. However, some researchers claim that this food can cause severe health problems.

5 Best Muscle Foods for Men

Building strong muscles requires a healthy diet and exercise. Men who want to build bigger muscles need to lift weights and eat a protein rich diet that also includes foods from every category.

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