Autogenic Drainage (Medical Definition) | Quick Explainer Video

How To Gain Weight and Build Muscle With Nutrition

Many guys today want to put on size, but don’t know how to go about it. These people are typically called “hard-gainers.” If you are someone who has a hard time putting on some weight, (good quality muscle weight) you are not alone.

Cardiovasular Phytochemicals: What They Do and Which Foods Have Them

A short article discussing a few beneficial compounds that can be eaten to improve cardiovasular health. Many individuals suffer from cardiovascular disease and are unaware that small changes can have a large impact on their lives and the avoidance of this potentially lethal disease.

Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus

If you are considering juicing as part of your healthy lifestyle you will certainly want to consider juicers by Breville. They are stylish and functional and very economical. They are one of the highest rated juicers on the market today.

Healthy Eating: Surprising Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea (Camellia Sinesis) has been the subject of many scientific studies over the last few decades. Researchers have found that regular consumption of green tea lowers the risk of cancer, supports weight loss, and prevents diabetes. The Chinese have known about the health benefits of this drink since ancient times.

Kinds of Natural Metabolism Boosters

According to Get America Fit Foundation, obesity is 2nd when it comes to preventable death across the United States. Their statistics also show that more than 50% of Americans who are 20 years above are obese. There is also an astonishing 9 million kids and teenagers who have issues with weight control as well.

What Happened to All the Cro-Magnons

The most distinguishing differences between cro-magnons and Neanderthals begin with the shape of the skull. Neanderthal has a smaller braincase and a low, sloping forehead. The cro-magnon skull closely resembles modern humans. Another outstanding feature is that Neanderthals had much longer arms with fingertips nearly touching the knees.

How To Become A Vegetarian In Two Stages

The following steps are given as a guide to assist those who are desiring to become vegetarians. If you are a non-vegetarian. Your goal is to gradually eliminate meat (flesh) from your diet, and to become a lacto-ovo-vegetarian. Begin with red meats such as pork and beef. These are more serious because of the high fat and blood content. Next reduce the amount of white meats such as chicken and fish.

Disease Link To Dehydration

When looking at your diet to reduce disease, don’t forget proper hydration. There are several diseases made worse from not drinking water and some that caused by it.

Healthy Foods High In Protein

Protein is essential for the proper development of tissues, muscles and the production of hormones. Too much protein is also dangerous because it can lead to serious health problems. Here is a list of protein sources you can find in your everyday food.

Paleo Diet for Families With Kids

An introduction to the Paleo Diet with a focus on living the Palo Diet Lifestyle as a family with kids. This article will help you understand the health benefits and challenges of eating Paleo for kids and adults.

Cheap Healthy Meals: How Do Enzymes Work?

Whether we desire cheap healthy meals or not enzymes play a huge role in how our bodies are able to process the nutrients that we consume. Although enzymes are totally obliterated in the process of cooking, there are ways of inexpensively adding them back to our meals.

Could Food Sensitivities Increase Your Risk Of Cancer?

A new study in the journal, Science (August 16, 2012)1, has found that intestinal inflammation can alter your gut flora and promote cancer. What does this have to do with food sensitivities?

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