Avoid These Bedtime Habits If You Want To Get Proper Rest Overnight

What You Need To Know About Adult Elbow Pain

The elbow is a joint made up of three bones that articulate, which are the distal end of the humerus, the head of radius and the ulna, which make up the lower part of the arm. The biceps and triceps allow flexion and extension of the joint.

5 Ways To Be A Better Runner

Many people turn to running as a primarily form of exercise. In this article, we will be touching on some of the benefits of running to your physical and mental health. We will also be providing a few tips for you to take note of in your lifestyle so that you can be a better runner.

What You Need To Know About Hamstring Injuries

Muscles injuries to the hamstring are any strain or tear of the muscles or tendons of the hamstring group. These injuries occur fairly often among athletes, and make up a significant percentage of sports-related musculoskeletal injuries. Return to the sport may occur in a couple of weeks, or may never occur.

Set Small Daily Goals to Achieve Success

Remember back in December when you swore this year would be different? When you promised yourself this was the year that you were going to be the healthiest you possible? How’s that going? If you’ve fallen off the wagon, so to speak, don’t fret. You have a choice: success or failure. It is a choice. If you choose to succeed, you’ve already taken the first step by envisioning yourself achieving your goal. The next step is to clearly define a specific goal.

Human Height – A Question Of Genetics Or Nutrition

Recent studies in human population indicate that the Dutch hold the record of being the tallest race in the world. It is surprising because until a few decades ago its name featured in the list of the countries with the shortest people. What makes the difference? Is it environmental factors such as climate and nutrition or is it our genetic makeup? You can find out below.

Want to Start Cycling to Work? Here Are Some Tips

Thinking of ditching the car and choosing to cycle to work? Thinking of ways to save you money? Or maybe you are fed up with sitting in traffic. If you’re worried about polluting the environment and want to go eco-friendly, move away from your car and step onto your bike.

Diet To Grow Taller – What You Should Include In Your Platter

As much as our society pays attention to weight in terms of the human physique, it pays equal attention to height. As a result, being short often becomes a cause of ridicule and eats into one’s confidence. While genetics has the major say in one’s height, nutrition can help take it a level higher as it determines healthy bone growth and development. Hence, you should be selective of the foods you eat. Here’s what you should include in your platter if you want to grow taller.

Jets VS Piston Aircraft Used For Air Ambulances

What we’re going to focus on in this particular article is the difference between piston, propeller driven twin engine aircraft and business jets used by air ambulance companies. We’ll compare commonly used models in both categories.

Dressing Tips For Women To Look Taller

Sometimes, despite the diet and exercise tips you adopt, it is impossible to grow taller because there are several other factors at play. You tend to feel inferior among your peers and prefer to withdraw from social life. There is no need to despair. Even if you cannot increase height in its literal sense, you can at least make yourself look taller by dressing appropriately. And, we’ll tell you just how.

Growing Taller – Debunking The Myths

If you key in the words – how to grow taller – in the search bar of Google, Yahoo or Bing, you will be provided an enormous amount of information within the blink of an eye. You will get information on diet tweaks, exercise, posture correction and a lot more. When you have access to such a lot of information, you wonder what to take and what to leave behind; much like when you go shopping. You will be able to make a better decision if you are able to separate the truths from the myths.

How Do Amino Acids Work?

Amino acids have often been referred to as the building blocks of life. Naturally, they are responsible for many of the functions within the human body, especially within our digestive system. But how exactly do they work? We will take an in depth look at amino acids and how they work.

How Does The Growth Hormone Affect Height?

The Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is one of the most important regulatory enzymes in the human body. It is produced in the pituitary gland, a small pea-sized organ, at the base of the brain. This hormone is responsible for how our bodies grow and develop. HGH has garnered popularity as an active ingredient in fat-busting, anti-aging and muscle-building supplements. However, not many of us know that it is included in height growth supplements as well.

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