Barrel Chest (Medical Definition) | Quick Explainer Video

Organic Foods For Vegetarian Weight Loss Meal Plans

People nowadays are becoming more health conscious. Some people follow vegetarian weight loss meals plan. It might be because they believe that having fruit-and-vegetable-only diet can make them healthier.

The Tryptophan Secret: A Natural Remedy for Stress and Anxiety?

Do you ever have a hard time getting to sleep? Do you suffer from anxiety and stress? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a natural booster to help with these issues? Well there is! The amino acid trytophan is a multi-functional amino acid that is often used as a natural remedy for insomnia, anxiety and stress…

Top 3 EASY Exercises for Getting Rid of Bloating Quickly

As a matter of fact, a lot of people experience slight bloating and gas in their tummies during or after eating! However, unless it lingers for a very long time, you don’t need to be alarmed!

Top 4 Drinks Which Can Cause Bloating

You know the funny thing is that when it comes to bloating, most people (and even doctors) blame only the solid food they consume. They completely overlook the liquid drinks they are having throughout the day! Keep in mind that liquids are as much to blame for your present condition…

5 Foods That Cause Bloating

Often, replacing the bad foods (that cause bloating) with healthier substitutes can offer you permanent relief from bloating and flatulence. In this article, I will tell you about the foods that can make your stomach bloated and constipated! Don’t be surprised if some of these foods form the core of your daily diet!

Top 3 Ways to Avoid Bloating

Different people react quite differently when it comes to food: some people would eat pound after pound in order to battle stress, while others would be unable to eat even a morsel of food! That said, you can certainly minimize your stress level!

Eight Huge Advantages of Green Tea

Green tea has many benefits besides being a delicious drink. Keep reading to find out more!

Sea Cucumber As Food

This article talk about how sea cucumber is being consumed by people in Asia. It has about 600 types of sea cucumber but less than 20 types of it has economical value. Chinese in asia country are the main consumer on sea cucumber…

Please Don’t Starve Me

When you don’t feed your body properly or you think that by not eating you will lose more weight, you are actually doing the opposite of want you really want to happen.  If your body thinks that you are starving it or if you don’t eat (on a regular basis)  it will conserve or hold on to your fat for the energy that it needs to work.

Belly Up To The Juice Bar

Juicing is an excellent way of getting the required servings of vegetables and fruits into your diet. There is a variety of fresh produce you can use and an endless number of combinations of juice so that everyone can find something that they like.

How To Feel Better And Improve Your Health

Do you feel less healthy than you’d like? Do you have health issues that don’t want to go away no matter what you do to try to alleviate them? Have you been to doctors, only to have them tell you there’s nothing wrong with you? Health is not the absence of disease. It is a state of well being in body, mind and spirit. When you are truly healthy, you’ll feel a zest for living, an abundance of energy to get up and go do the things you love to do. Anything less is not real health.

5 Foods That Help Boost Nitric Oxide

This article illustrates 5 natural foods that help boost your body’s nitric oxide production. Read on and be healthy!

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