Bronchiectasis (Medical Definition) | Quick Explainer Video

6 Simple Foods for Memory Improvement

The food you eat does not only give nutrients to the body to keep it healthy, but it also affects your brain function. So, if you think you have a bad memory, you might need to consider improving your diet plan.

The Glycemic Index And Losing Weight

The glycemic index is one of the most overlooked tools that can be used to lose weight. Learn how to take advantage of it to get the best results with your weight loss.

How To Live 120 Years

Introduction to the ways to beat the national average of 78 years of age. Understanding some of the causes of the shorter lifespan. How to optimize food selection to improve your dietary health.

Why Grass Fed Beef Is Better for You

Conventional beef has been fed corn and other grains since World War II. However, a cow’s natural diet of wild grasses creates a far more nutritional steak; higher in vitamins and good fats, lower in e. coli and fats overall.

What Makes Wheat So Bad For You

Wheat is the third most produced cereal grain in the world and is one of the most important staple foods for humans. However wheat also contains many anti-nutrients and has potential to cause severe harm and health issues in susceptible individuals.

Best Food Choices for a Healthy Weight and a Healthier You

It’s difficult to make healthy food choices in today’s world. We are surrounded by calorie rich and nutrient poor foods cleverly disguised as healthy choices that affect our weight and health. To make matters more confusing there are thousands of dietary theories out there. Find out how to overcome these challanges and how to feed yourself and your family healthy meals.

The Three Point Triangle Of Fitness – Your Path To Optimal Health

The three point Triangle of Fitness brings together whole food nutrition, supplementation, and physical exercise which promotes optimal health. The majority of people in this world have one or maybe two points covered, leaving a gap in their total fitness. Getting educated on how all three points work together is key to your success. Beware, not all exercise and nutrition programs are created equal. Do not sell yourself short and jump on the latest fitness and nutritional craze. Do some research and only go for exercise programs with proven results and nutrition programs of the highest quality. We are what we eat and we are what the animals and plants have eaten as well.

Anti-Aging Smoothies – For Good Health!

Smoothies have been around since the 1930s in the United States when health food stores started selling pureed fruit drinks. They are still a popular replacement meal today, offering a highly nutritious health giving drink.

Myth of Fact? You Are Eating for Two During Pregnancy

Now that you are pregnant (congratulations!) prepare yourself for lots of conflicting and often times, unasked-for advice. Much of this advice will center around what and how much you eat. Don’t be surprised if your mother-in-law makes a habit of showing up at your doorstep with an assortment of dishes to fatten you up. It’s an age old motto that when you are pregnant, you have to ‘eat for two’ and I am sure you must have heard it a thousand times even before you were pregnant. And on the surface, it makes sense. You do after all have another person growing inside of you.

Your Healthy Pregnancy Diet

Following a well balanced diet while you are pregnant is one of the most rewarding things that you can do for both yourself and your baby. What you eat will never be more important than while you are pregnant. Every decision you make about what to eat or not directly affects the well being of your baby.

Health Benefits Of Dark Chocolate Growing

Good news on the health benefits of dark chocolate. More research has found that dark chocolate, eaten in moderation, has some pretty healthful benefits. In fact, a recent symposium was given that was devoted entirely to cocoa and discoveries about our favorite indulgence. Researchers the world over got together to share candy bars and 18 reports from international experts with the audience.

Is Olive Oil Healthy? The Shocking Truth!

We have all heard the nutritional “experts” tell us that we need to stop consuming so much trans fats and saturated fats. That is good advice since they raise cholesterol and have been shown to increase disease such as diabetes and heart disease. They say to switch from butter to healthy oils like olive oil when cooking. But what makes olive oil so healthy?

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