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The Fuel of Excellence: A Musician’s Guide to Proper Food Combining and Optimum Nutrition

Food combining is the way to superior nutrition. Food combining is the art and science of taking our knowledge of the human digestive system and the character of natural foods to achieve superior nutrition. When food combining is not put into practice by individuals or entire societies and the human digestive tract is treated as a garbage disposal, then the body begins to undergo mild to acute forms of nutritional degradation resulting in a weakened physical constitution and eventually widespread disease. Proper food combining designates the right mixes of foods that allow the body to work efficiently to provide itself with nutrition. Because these combinations do not interrupt or interfere with the body’s ability to break down the food it is provided, the body is able to receive from its food all of the nutrients the foods are capable of delivering. A digestive tract unburdened from unnecessary interferences from bad combinations or junk foods, is a digestive system that facilitates superior nutrition.

Cellular Respiration

We need energy to perform our daily activities and we get this energy from cell through cellular respiration. Normally, the food molecule glucose (derived from carbohydrates) is used as metabolic fuel in cellular respiration, but amino acids (derived from proteins) and fatty acids (derived from fats) can also be used as metabolic fuels when stored glucose in our body become depleted.

How to Jumpstart Your Weight Loss and Lose an Additional 5-35lbs Naturally

Do you want to know how to jump start your weight loss goals by losing 5-35 additional pounds before you start ridding your body of unwanted and unhealthy levels of toxins, fat and fluid?, or in addition to the loss of unwanted fat and fluids?

How To Jumpstart A Diet With Lots of Heart For Weight Loss

Β  There are lots of fab diets out there to lose weight. However, the truth is this, none of them seem to have much magic about them. There is far more magic in what a person can do for themselves from a diet perspective.

Paleo Book: Looking to Find Some Good Paleolithic Food Ideas?

The paleo diet has exploded in popularity over the past few years, but there are still some people who feel like they do not have time for this kind of lifestyle. Although the ability to eat foods like bacon and steak should be applauded in any diet, there are some people who feel like paleo gets a little dull after a few weeks.

What Is Gluten?

More and more people are going on Gluten-Free diets these days. So what exactly is gluten and should you consider living Gluten-Free???

Nutrient-Packed Superfoods: Add Health to Your Meals!

Eating healthy is always important to keep a fit and balanced life. The body needs the basic nourishment of vitamins and minerals that will help to get the significant benefits for the body. Many of the studies have found that Superfoods that are available in nature offer special benefits for the body.

Why You Should Try for Organic Catering Service

There are two major reasons why more and more people are going for organic catering; for one, the health benefit – many are now more health conscious and eating natural foods is one effective way to attain it. Aesthetic is another reason they claim, as many people now are getting more concerned about how they look – they are now more aware of the benefits of natural food diet.

Nutrition Response Testing Can Present You With a Stress Free Lifestyle

Nutrition Response Testing differs in that it doesn’t carry out any diagnosis or treat the disease. Rather, the process comprises of two parts. The first one is the analysis when a detailed assessment is done of your body’s current health status.

Fibromyalgia and Diet

There are some foods that I have had to eliminate from my diet. I have found that gluten is my enemy. I have less pain, fatigue and brain fog issues when I eliminate gluten from my diet. Dairy products, sugar and caffeine are also on the list of foods that I should eliminate.

Essential Foods for a Balanced Diet

A diet that includes all the essential nutrients, in proper portion, is known as a balanced diet. Here is the list of essential foods and nutrients that are recommended in the general dietary intake for an average person.

What to Eat for a Healthy Breakfast?

Do you ever wonder what is a healthy breakfast to eat when losing fat? You may be shocked when I tell you what we are eating…

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