Cold Hands And Feet – Should You Worry?

Hello all champions cold hands and feet can be a nuisance but are they dangerous are cold hands and feet an indication of some other underlying problem and if you’re one of those people are always looking for the quick answer the quick fix the answer is to stick your hands and feet in a a bucket of warm water it’s guaranteed to work every time but if you’re looking for a little bit more long term solution there’s a few more things we need to understand what is cold first of all cold doesn’t exist just like darkness doesn’t exist and disease also doesn’t really exist so so if we look at it the following way you can’t create health by covering up disease any more than you can create light by covering up darkness you go into a dark room and you try to cover up the darkness and it’s not going to get light because darkness is the absence of light and if we understand that but it’s not a physical entity in the universe then health is the same thing health is a function health is the presence of appropriate function disease is the lack of appropriate to function so when we are talking about cold the first thing to understand is that cold is nothing more than a lack of heat heat and the baltic comes from energy production so just like a furnace just like a fireplace every cell in your body can make energy they can take few and they can oxidize it and they can turn it into energy that we used for movement and heat but if it seems like we don’t have enough heat then it might be that we have a damaged basal metabolic rate that are based level of furnace is just set too low and that could happen for another for reasons some of the more common are yo yo dieting excess exercise and restricting calories so if we yo yo diet were telling the money that you better be prepared you there’s gonna be times when there’s a lack of energy so you better prepare and store a whole bunch of extra energy so that you have some for those times of lack and if we combine all these and we have excess exercise if we’re telling the money that i’m not going to give you a whole lot of fuel but i’m going to use up a whole lot of fuel in exercise than you bought it also senses less back and if we specially if we combine this with restricted calories and we’ve seen this with something called the biggest loser the tv show where all the people gained the weight back except maybe one because they lowered their basal metabolic rate by as much as seven eight hundred calories per day so we have to start thinking like the bonnie what’s the purpose of the body was thin golden bonnie how is the body thinking how is the bony going to respond and interpret this a second reason for low energy production can be and named mia meaning lack of blood and when your red blood cells are are low in number or low in hemoglobin which is the oxygen carrying compound then we can’t bring the oxygen to the furnace of this fire needs a lot of oxygen and the fire in your cell needs a lot of oxygen and if we don’t have enough oxygen then we can’t produce energy so and named mia is a chronic lack of oxygen delivery and the third very common thing is called height both fibroids fire oh it is your thermostat it’s what sets the heat production and if your height both firewood that means under performing firewood than yours thermostat is set low because that system isn’t working right and this energy production isn’t relating specifically to cold hands and feet but it’s an underlying factor because if you don’t have any central heat if you don’t have the central heat production it’s very difficult to do tributes that heat into the hands and feet so if your energy production is low that’s gonna make you much more likely to have cold hands and feet as well and the way you know is that if you have a low overall energy production typically you’ll feel cold all over and once we have produced some energy now we need to distributed we need to have a system to circulate it and that what the blood is the blood carries everything the nutrients the oxygen but also the heat and the core of your body is the warmest and your typical core temperatures can be ninety eight point six degrees..Learn more here

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