COPD Explained – Types, Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment ❗

Emotional Well-Being Is Key to Healthy You

In our daily quest for the well-being lifestyle, we often overlook our emotional well-being. In counseling my clients, I often remind them to step back and enjoy the moment. With the techie advantages we enjoy we are always on—-Flex hours at work give us the ability to start earlier and work later; email synced with mobile devices allows us to be connected around the clock, every single day.

Your Guide to Incontinence Pads and Other Absorbent Products

Choosing incontinence products for your body and severity is a big part of incontinence management. Incontinence sufferers have a lot of absorbent product options, from pads and guards to full diapers, and everything in between. The following is guide to incontinence pads and other absorbent products.

Tips on How to Maintain And Care For a Dumbbell Set

Healthy living comes with the need to keep fit by way of exercising. Weight lifting is an integral part of this process whether you are seeking to build muscles or just for purposes of keeping your body in shape. If you have been involved in weight lifting or power lifting, chances are that you must have come into contact with a dumbbell set, or you could have one in that fitness kit you bought for home use.

More Effective and Safer Than a Flu Shot

As we begin the winter (and holiday) season in Chicagoland, we’re all worried about staying healthy. Getting a Flu Shot is NOT the answer. It’s ineffective and has side effects. Just recently in the media, a researcher at Johns Hopkins slammed the flu vaccine publicly. Here are a few healthy, safe, and effective tips to take care of your health now and prevent the flu / colds this season:

Relish Your Taste-Buds With Nutritious Slow Carb Diet Plans

The slow carb diet can be used by weight watchers to maintain a slim body-frame without using too much energy. These foods are easy to digest in the body where they are often converted into glucose. They can provide bursts of vigor just a few minutes after intake.

Amphetamines Addiction and the Best Rehab Centers for Treatment

One of the highly addictive and potent drugs, Amphetamine is sourced from Methamphetamine and commonly referred street names include uppers, speed, black mollies, eye openers, ice, footballs, crystal and whiz. While as prescribed medication, the drug is used in the treatment of Attention Deficiency Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Narcolepsy. It is legally sold as a prescription drug under the brand names of Dexedrine, Adderall, ProCentra, Vyvanse and Desoxyn.

A Look At Energy Drink Reviews

Energy Drink Reviews – Energy drinks are trending very popular right now and the Internet is ripe with many different reviews and comparisons. We’ll take a look at the drinks and the review process to make sure that the best ones come to the forefront. In other words, this is a review of the reviews.

Energy Drink Comparison

Energy drinks are very popular right now and with so many out there, it’s hard to tell which one is the best. We’ll actually compare the top energy drinks side by side and the review them in depth.

How To Achieve The Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions

Most people can’t achieve even one new goal for the New Year. Learn how you can achieve the top 5 New Year’s resolutions this next year.

Green Phlegm: Symptom of a Sinus Infection Or Not?

Green or greenish-yellow phlegm is thick, mucus discharge from the throat and nose and it’s one of the main symptoms of a sinus infection. And though it may look pretty bad, that phlegm being there is actually a good thing and tells you that your body’s immune system is fighting that sinus infection. At the same time, just becuase you have green phlegm doesn’t mean you automatically have an infection. Your body can produce…

5 Tips to Stay in Shape During the Festive Season

We all know how difficult it is to eat well and train at this time of year. To help you through the holiday period, here are 5 tips for maintaining some sort of form in the face of the many challenges that you are going to face.

HIV Risk Facts – Information To Know About

HIV is a deadly disease which gets transmitted through the practice of unprotected sex with an infected individual or sharing hypodermic needles. This is a disease which is not transmitted through any kind of casual contact. The below mentioned article will tell you more about HIV risk facts which you should know about. You must pay proper attention towards the article given below.

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