Corn Might Actually Cause an Increase in Mucus 🌽

Yeast Infection: The Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

What is yeast infection? Yeast infection also commonly referred to as candidiasis or moniliasis is an infection caused by the uncontrolled propagation of yeast primarily of the candida genus. Candida yeast exists harmlessly in your body particularly the skin and their growth is kept in check by the immune system and other microorganisms in the same area.

Are Cranberries Good For Your Bladder Health?

In today’s world, there are a number of ailments that are surfacing each day. As the ailments are becoming complex and so are their symptoms. In this fast world that we live in, that we do not need further complexities, but the need of the hour is to get back to natural remedies that were used by the generations before us.

How To Beat The Wide-Eyed Monster

Ah, the best part of the day after long hours at your job, travel for work, and a grueling merry-go-round lifestyle: your bed and pillow finally await you. You crawl into your bed, shut off the light, fluff the pillows, and with a deep sigh, you look forward to a night of soothing restful sleep. WRONG!

The Benefits Of Amino Acids

Amino acids are some of the smallest molecules that build up proteins. They are essential for all living things. Yet the human body can only produce some of them naturally. What are the health benefits of consuming amino acids? Let’s take a look!

Let’s Forget About Weight Loss

Now don’t get upset with the fact that you should forget about weight loss. What you should be thinking about is a change in your diet and weight loss is a side effect.

Get Healthy Natural Hair With Easy Home Remedies

To get healthy, glowing and natural black hair you do not have to dig a hole in your pocket. Your kitchen cupboard contains several natural products that you can use to prepare your own shampoos and hair packs and let your hair get all the attention.

I Can Tell You’ve Been Using A Laptop

Ergonomics are all the rage throughout companies in the Houston area. Ergonomic experts come into offices and adjust desks to just the right size for you and your work activities. Still, at home ergonomics with a laptop can still affect your spine.

Truckers And Depression: Know The Symptoms

Life on the road is one of those realities that for some truckers is a real blessing and for others it is a curse. Long days spent in total isolation from the family, your friends and the things that you love can be very difficult. In addition if you are an OTR trucker with the long, long routes and you are away from home for weeks at a time, you may begin to feel isolated from the family, even when you are home.

Carry Out Acne Treatment Through Argan Oil

Long-time sufferers of acne and scarring caused by acne know that finding a trustworthy treatment can be difficult. This is especially true when you take into consideration the chemicals and alcohol included in most acne solutions that dry out your skin, sometimes leaving it more red and unsightly than before you started using the product. The good news is you don’t have to suffer from acne treatments, too – there’s a natural substance that’s just as effective at clearing up your skin and revitalizing scars from past breakouts: argan oil.

Argan Oil: Revitalize Your Body

Argan oil is considered by many to be one of the most rare and special substances known to man. It can be used for almost any purpose – food, fuel, health, and beauty. It’s no wonder, then, that this miracle substance is in high demand and often replicated by saturating small amounts of argan oil with other more harmful and less effective chemicals. The effects it can have on your body and skin are well-documented – in just a few short days of repetitive use, you’ll notice a youthful shine to areas of your body that before were looking worn and aged.

Two Health Concerns That Require Natural Treatments

Whenever people have a health problem they immediately start taking medication. Even though this is not necessarily a bad thing, as medicine these days has become more and more aggressive, many people end up causing more damage than good with everything they take. In this article two very common health concerns will be presented along with some natural treatments that could help people more than traditional medicine.

Men’s Worst Fear: Ingrown Hair!

One of the major concerns that men nowadays have is the fact that they might end up with marks or scaring on their visible areas, such as the face and neck, due to disagreeable ingrowing hair. As a matter of fact, most experts working at men grooming salons or dermatological clinics have agreed that this issue alone is one of the worst fears or nightmares that both young and elder men seem to have. In addition to this, there are signs that most of them do not even know how to take care of a bump or sign that has appeared on their face and, in most cases, they even make things worse.

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