Crackles (Rales) | Medical Definition and Explanation 🔊

The Many Advantages of Pilates

Pilates is a term used to define a particular system of exercises that also includes medication tactics. These exercises have helped many in making a remarkable difference in their health without taking a toll. This is an ideal work out to refresh a person’s mind and body.

Benefits of Pilates

Pilates is a system of exercises that requires intense concentration. It was created about a hundred years ago by a German named H. Pilates. Pilates was obsessed about a perfect body since he had a difficult childhood in which he suffered from diseases like asthma and rickets. This regime of exercises is a unique combination of the meditative strategies borrowed from the Eastern culture and the physique of the Greeks.

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms And Treatment

Tarsal tunnel syndrome is a condition causing compression against the tibial nerve as it passes through the tarsal tunnel, which is a passage between the bone structure of the medial (outer) ankle (actually, it is just behind the bony structure of the ankle) and soft tissue, called the flexor retinaculum. The tarsal tunnel contains a bundle of structure other than the tibial nerve, including an artery and tendons. Within the tunnel, the tibial nerve separates into three different nerves going to the heel and two others to the bottom of the foot.

The Battle Of The Bunion

Battles are seldom won without understanding the nature of the enemy; in this case: bunions. A bunion is foot problem, occurring mostly in women, expressed as a bump on the inner side of the foot where the big toe joins the foot. Their excessive occurrence in women (10 times more common than men) has little to do with gender and just about everything to do with shoes.

The Scent of Danger: The Hidden Toxins in Fragranced Products

Most personal care and household products contain synthetic scents. This means that undisclosed and potentially harmful chemicals are hidden in the vast majority of the products you buy. Read this article to discover how to avoid such toxins in your purchases and find out why you may not necessarily be spared from these unhealthy additives when you opt for “eco-friendly” and “natural” items.

Bipolar Disorder, What Is It?

Bipolar disorder affects the normal use of the brain. It can cause severe mood swings from elation to deep depression. This condition used to be called Manic Depression. Whilst it is unknown why Bipolar Disorder has come about it is thought to be more common within families. Bipolar Disorder usually affects one in two hundred people within their lifetimes and usually the affects are shown in young adults. Treatment usually includes mind stabilizers that helps ease depressive episodes and manic episodes.

How to Choose Care Uniforms for Work

Whether you handle a non-public clinic or major hospital, your selection of nurses dresses still calls for proper attention. The team uniform after all helps portray the right impression, a point you have to focus on when giving healthcare services. By and large, clinic uniforms follow a similar design worldwide.

Causes Of Stress In Our Lives/Major Causes Of Stress

Fight or flight response when being confronted by a predator is the most common example of a stress response. Other things that can also cause stress are crowding, noise, darkness, fear, anger, weather and extreme pleasure can be a cause of stress in our lives too. The loss of a loved one, human or animal is one of the worst causes of stress in our lives.

How To Manage Stress, Can You Manage Stress?

At times there may seem like there is no hope or no way out of a stressful situation. The one thing that is annoying us just won’t go away and we end up feeling helpless in combating the situation.

Tai Chi Chuan – Comparisons Are Difficult, Sincere Training Is Most Important

There are many forms in tai chi, all are fine if done correctly. The key is to do a bio-mechanically correct form and practice regularly.

An In Clinic Abortion Is A Relatively Simple Procedure

Many patients are a bit apprehensive when they consider having an in clinic abortion. In reality, though, the procedure is meant to be quick and painless.

My Life With Ulcerative Colitis

My story and introduction to my experience with the auto immune disease Ulcerative Colitis. A look inside a normal girl’s life living with a painful, unpredictable disease.

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