Dairy Foods Cause an Increase in Mucus Production? 🥛

The Many Great Benefits of Liposuction

Interested in getting liposuction? Learn about the benefits of the minimally invasive procedure.

Don’t Slouch and Stand Up Straight!

We’ve all heard it at some point of our lives, some of us more often than others, and for most of us it’s one of those commands that no matter how old you are always makes you feel like a child. It’s the classic, “stop slouching,” and who could forget the typical, “sit up straight”? These are the commands that we’re shouted at us by our mothers, that have now been taken over by our spouses and we’re pretty sure that one day the reins will be handed over to our kids.

Neonatal Air Ambulance Transport Services

Transporting these babies is not an easy task. It requires a special neonatal incubator and a medical specialist or team to accompany the infant. Sometimes these children need emergent care. Studies have shown that the faster the transport to the specialized care facility, the better the outcome is for the infant.

Discover the Health Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olives are not only super tasty, they have so many health benefits. Who would’ve thought? The health benefits of consuming extra virgin olive oil are many. Olive oil is rich in vitamin E as well as many other nutrients. Olive oil has been around for thousands of years and right throughout those times, it’s been praised for its healing and health properties. Find out more!

Cutting to the Core

Abs, six pack, washboard, tummy, belly, keg, there are plenty of nicknames for your midsection. This area of the body is your centerpiece and can be one of, if not the most pleasing bodyparts to the human eye. It could be true that the name for your stomach has evolved over the years.

How Can You Keep Your Kidneys Safe From Harm?

It is important to keep your kidneys away from harm. But how will you do it? This article talks about some ways. Read more to find out.

Can Musical Tones Played in the Ear Help With Gait-Freezing in Parkinson’s Patients?

New research into the cause and possible treatment of freezing of gait in Parkinson’s Disease suggests that stimulation of the brain-stem through deep brain stimulation may be helpful. Recent research suggests that it may be possible to stimulate these brain-stem centers non-invasively through specific frequency audio tone bursts.

Is Colonoscopy Worth The Risk?

The word colonoscopy seems lately high on the health menu, there is nothing much else on offer apart of a bitter aftertaste. Colonoscopy is not a treatment for anything; it’s only a detection method to see what’s in the pipeline that shouldn’t be there. When a colonoscopy is done do we know or have we been told of all the side effects and risks involved?

Unmarred: Argan Oil for Scars

Scars are a natural part of life. Children fall; people get wounded. But these scars are the bane of most women’s existence. Scarred legs or knees often keeps a girl from wearing skirts or shorts. Acne scars demand constant use of make-up that could eventually dry one’s face. Sometimes make-up residue would even clog pores and would then lead to breakouts which will result to new scars.

Start Getting Healthy Nutrition Series Part 5 – Stress

Stress is more responsible in affecting your health than most people realize. Chronic, constant stress brings on its own myriad of health problems and concerns.

A Natural Cure For ADD

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is increasing among American children and in few cases also among adults. ADD or ADHD could be identified by symptoms such as lack of focus, impulsiveness, hyperactivity, etc. School going children are often found unable to sit still, or complete their tasks at once without taking breaks. Parents, school teachers, doctors are rather worried about this issue because the future of the country is at stake because of this disease affecting youngsters in massive numbers.

Warning: Could Mobile Phone And Wi-Fi Usage Be Ruining Your Health?

It has been said that electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) from mobile phone and Wi-Fi usage (particularly overuse) have caused cancer tumours, depression, sleeping problems, allergies, infertility, mental impairment and may affect a child’s growth and development… So, given this, it begs the question, could mobile phone and Wi-Fi usage with those EMF’s be ruining your health? What about overuse?

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