Diabetics Can Eat THESE Foods to Lower Blood Sugar Levels 🩸

Evaluate Wellness Vendors on the 3 Things They Do NOT Offer

HR and benefit managers are beginning to think critically about wellness programs. For instance, I posted this blog awhile back, “5 Questions That Will Make Your Wellness Vendors Think They’re Having a Bad Nightmare… A Workplace-Wellness Critique.” I am sure that post created mass hysteria within wellness vendor offices everywhere. And all this time you thought Taylor Swift had the biggest social media following!

Healthy Ways For A Healthy Life

A healthy lifestyle is the key factor to be happy and healthy. The food we eat affects our health which has a direct impact on our happiness and the way of life we lead.

Best Fitness Trackers For Men

As a man you need to be fit for you to retain your sexy look. One of the best ways of tracking your fitness levels is by using a fitness tracker. Here are some of the best trackers in the market: Withings pulse It’s 1.5 inches in size and rectangular in shape. It aids in recording steps taken, stairs climbed, time active, calories burned, and sleep patterns. One of the best features of the device is that it has the ability of displaying your heart rate. To do this you only need to press your finger on the device.

2 Of The Best Fitness Trackers For Kids

While fitness trackers were initially designed for adults, companies have now come up with trackers that are aimed at children. Here are some of the best fitness trackers for children: KidFit This is a tracker that is ideal for children between the ages of 5 and 13 years. Unlike the other trackers that track the calorie levels in the body this device aids in tracking sleep. Your kid is given a daily goal of earning 100 points. The points increase as the kid gets active. The good side is that you can customize the goals.

Achieve Your Wellness Goals With Help From a Health Coach

You may be feeling that your career is not shaping according to your expectations, or perhaps you are thinking that you need to add to your educational qualifications. If you are in business, you may be thinking on the lines of seeking advice from a professional business coach. Or, you think that your relationship is not really fulfilling.

Top 5 Women’s Fitness Myths Busted!

Over the past 10 years, we have seen a steady, albeit slow, increase in the number of women becoming serious about their health and fitness status, yet many of those women are chasing a dream they will never reach simply because they have bought into the many myths that abound in the Fitness Industry. This article attempts to debunk the top 5 myths I have encountered as a Fitness Professional.

How To Increase Your Will Power And Improve Focus

Each holiday season we are faced with temptations that eat into our willpower. The chocolate truffle on the table, the exercise that falls by the wayside to go to the last party and the extra sweets and heavy dinners. We need to know what willpower is before we’ll be able to figure out how to increase your will power. In some circles will power is a negative or at least an outdated word. Counselors say it is counterproductive because it causes people to blame themselves instead of working toward change. The more popular word used to replace will power is motivation. It appears that people feel they are able to change or increase their motivation while their will power is something they are born with.

Royal Jelly To Boost Your Health

Royal jelly is a nutritional food secreted by worker bees in a beehive. The substance is usually fed to all colony larvae. However, when there is a need for a new queen bee, a group of the larvae are fed large quantities of the jelly. This exclusive feeding of royal jelly is what turns the normal bees into queen bees with a longer life expectancy compared to the worker bees. The queen bees are also much larger and end up laying thousands of eggs daily. In essence, this jelly variety can also be as beneficial to humans and luckily it is now available in supplement form. You can now easily boost your health using royal jelly supplements.

After You’ve Seen the Hand Surgeon – What to Expect Following Your Procedure

Following a procedure performed by your hand surgeon, rehabilitation is required to increase the range of motion and to get you back in shape. Here are some things you’ll likely encounter during rehab.

Choosing a Gym Fit for Your Needs

When you consider joining a gym, it’s imperative to choose the correct gym that prompts you to work out more and helps maintaining the continuity in your training program, whether you are doing it for a sport event or just to remain in good health. When you think of joining a gym, there are quite a few factors for taking the right decision. Of course, you should decide your priorities and ensure that the gym has the required facilities.

Put The Fork Down

Every day, your body is fighting a battle for you, trying to keep illness out, and keep you strong, healthy and alive. It is screaming out what it wants to be fed to work at peak performance. It keeps saying, “Give me a banana!”

Why Is There No Famous Hip Surgeon?

A good hip surgeon can be essential for a person’s quality of life. Yet, other surgeons get all the attention!

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