Diuretic Agents (Medical Definition) | Quick Explainer Video

Be the Honored Guest at Your Table

We would not expect an honored guest to eat standing at the kitchen counter, so why do we think it’s ok for ourselves? If we honor ourselves by eating mindfully we nourish our body, mind, and spirit. Food is love. Feeding ourselves should be the ultimate act of self-love and self-care.

Discarded Diet Books

If diet books were the answer, there wouldn’t be so many of them on the shelves of the used book stores. The way to sustainable change and lasting results is through intention and accountability. A holistic health coach can provide not only information, but the support needed for making desired and lasting change.

Sugar Is Noxious

The devastating effects of simple sugar in our diets. The human body does not need sugar yet we take in (on average) over 45 lbs per year. And high fructose corn syrup is especially noxious.

Organic Gardening – Tips To Get You Started Today

Organic gardening and growing your own organic vegetables, greens and fruit can be both incredibly rewarding and delicious. However, many gardeners rely on pesticides, herbicides and fungicides not to mention chemical fertilizers to help their garden grow. That’s not only unnecessary, it’s also unhealthy.

Use Healthy Shakes To Power Up Your Nutrition

When it comes to losing weight, or even just staying fit, your nutrition plays a big role. A good dietary supplement can be beneficial, and take some of the hassle out of making sure you’re enjoying a healthy diet.

The Truth About Health Food Buzzwords: All Natural, Organic, Real Fruit Juice, and Whole Grain

Don’t get fooled with marketing buzzwords and phrases like “all natural,” “organic,” “made with real fruit juice,” and “made with whole grain.” Find out what these terms really mean and what you should look for the next time you go grocery shopping!

The Ugly Reality of Counting Calories

Can counting calories actually help you lose weight? Learn why counting calories alone should not be the only means by which you watch your diet and get some easy, practical advice that actually can help you lose weight.

8 Superfoods to Give Your Health and Fitness a Boost

Superfoods are a special category of foods found in nature that have a direct link to gay men’s brains and beauty. By definition they are low in calories and are nutrient rich packing a lot of punch as far as goodness goes. They are superior sources of anti-oxidants and essential nutrients we need but cannot make ourselves.

Know Your Carbs Before You Consume Them

Learn the importance of carbohydrates in the human body. This article will explain why we need them, why they are good for us, and when is the best time to use them.

Healthy Eating When Eating Out

Dieting doesn’t mean you have to avoid eating out. You can make healthy choices while enjoying a night out with friends and family.

I’ve Always Had My Doubts About a Raw Food Diet, But Maybe Eating For Energy Is the Way to Go

The raw food movement suggests that the problem is that the foods most eaten create huge amounts of acidity in the body; and the foods are void of vital nutrients and too processed; and the foods are no longer alive. In addition, they say feeling tired, lethargic, and in poor health are merely symptoms of a potentially bigger problem.

How To Improve Your Immune System

The average U.S. adult has 2 to 4 colds a year and the average child has 6 to 10 a year. These colds are caused by 200 different viruses. How can you boost your immune system so it is ready to respond at the first sign of an invader?

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