Do Carrots Offer Benefits for Your Lungs ❓

Aspartame: Time To ‘Rethink Your Drink’?

The artificial sweetener aspartame is used as a sugar substitute in many foods and beverages. But it continues to come under close scrutiny by health professionals as new research suggests it may not be as healthful as originally thought. Is aspartame safe? Are there better alternatives?

How to Plan a Healthy Diet

Planning a healthy diet is the foundation of healthy eating. It involves choosing a balanced diet, changing your eating habits gradually and commitment to your goal.

Trace Minerals Are An Important Part of Human Health Too

In order to maintain health, humans need to follow well-balanced diet and engage in physical activity. When it comes to diet, the American Medical Association says that humans need to consume a balance of fiber, protein, carbohydrates, herbs, minerals, phytonutrients, vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants. Water is also important.

Sugar – Our Chosen Poison

Canada’s Food Guide is a wonderful tool in assisting with proper eating habits. What Canada’s Food Guide does not tell you is the effect that a less than perfect diet has on your body. People are just beginning to take a look at nutrition and realizing that eating “junk food” (sugar, fats and salt) really does make a difference in how healthy we are. This is an article that focuses a quick look at poor nutrition and one of the most prominent diseases of our generation.


Onions are common kitchen spice which posses so many health benefits. Onions might bring on tears but the many health benefits are worth every single teardrop. This vegetable increases the health value of many foods when added to them.

Diabetes in the Black Community

Diabetes is a significant health problem in the black community. However the right nutrition coupled with exercise and a healthy lifestyle may help to manage the problem.

Diet Mt. Dew and The Perils of Brominated Vegetable Oil

Recently, the popular citrus soft drink known as Mt. Dew has come under attack for containing brominated vegetable oil. This ingredient is commonly found in lemon-lime carbonated beverages and has been called everything from “harmless” to “poison.” So what is brominated vegetable oil and should we be concerned about it?

Chemicals Are Killing Our Bee Population!

The dying and disappearance of honey bees has an ecological, economic and political implication. This is not just happening in some of the western countries, this is a problem worldwide. In one of my articles published some time ago I made this point: “The Honey Bees Are Dying – Do We Need Them?” Even in this short space of time the situation has worsen and is accelerating its momentum on a path of distraction to our honeybee population. Ecologically: Not only to the honey – bee population, this has been a concern of the damage done over years to many of surroundings through spraying of herbicides and pesticides. On the economic site of all this is to make big profits and the greed for money but not considering the consequences and damage they have created over the past and will in to the future. Implications of political correctness is always incorrect and is failing to show its correctness. Governments are most of the time on a go slow when it comes to take prompt action to solve an urgent problem.

The Easy Guide to Gaining Weight

While a lot of people face trouble trying to lose weight, there are many who need to put on weight. They are either too skinny or too fragile. This article will help you know how to plan a diet that will help you build a fuller body.

3 Simple Strategies to Stop Sugar Cravings

It’s no secret how alluring sugar is. From pastries to candies to cookies, and even sauces and condiments, it tops the list of favorite food ingredients, and for obvious reasons – it tastes good! Yet it’s nearly single-handedly launching an all-out war on humanity, creating intense blood sugar swings that require more sugar to stabilize, not to mention making millions of American fat, ugly and sick.

The Trick to Reading Nutrition Labels

Reading the nutrition labels on food packages can help you to make healthy choices. However, many consumers are misreading these labels and mistakenly buying foods high in sugar and fat. Learning how to properly read nutrition labels means no more wasteful spending and no more unwanted calories.

Types of Soy You Should Avoid

Did you know that there may be soy in your favorite hamburger or chocolate bar? Soy additives are commonly used in many food products, but may not be as healthy as you think.

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