Drinking Ginger Tea Every Day Does This To Your Body

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Nutrition – Healing Foods

It is quite true that what you eat, to large extent, reflects on how healthy you are and look. Eating the right type of foods will make your skin glow, your hair shine, your mind sharp, and generally make you feel fit and energetic. Combined with sleep, exercise, and water the likelihood of coming down with disease is considerably reduced.

Healing Herbs – Onion

The wonder plant called onion is not matched in its many benefits to man. With the scientific name Allium cepa, it has a number of cooking varieties. Known to every cook to induce tears this plant – originally grown in Egypt and the Middle-East – is unknown in the wild. The herb is speculated by botanist to have been cultivated for at least 7,000 years. It comes in different varieties within the species varying in color, size, and taste – and is now grown all over the world – and the characteristic flavor and smell is derived from the sulphur compound in the bulb. Onion matures and is usually harvested at the end of the first year. Although recent studies have shown that adequate concentrations of bio-active compounds are in the young stem, the medicinal compounds reside in the bulb of the plant. Dried bulbs can be crushed into a powder for herbal medicine and eating it raw is of great value too.

Want to Go on a Diet? What You Need to Know

If you are going on a diet, you need to know that most people don’t know the challenges that come with diets and therefore it fails after some time – even as soon as they start. According to Howard Flaks, M. D., chairman of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians (doctors who specialize in treating obesity), “The main reason a lot of diets fail is because they’re not matched properly with an individual’s unique requirements.” The need to doctor a plan that adjusts to your health concerns, and to your personal needs, can help you to stay on track.

Understanding Your Paediatrician

“We have turned doctors into gods and worship their deity by offering up our bodies and our souls – not to mention our worldly goods. And yet paradoxically, they are the most vulnerable of human beings. And because they are painfully aware that they cannot live up to our expectations, their anguish is unquantifiably intense. They have aptly been called ‘wounded healers.’ ” – Eric Segal

Grass Fed Beef Versus Grain Fed Beef

The recent growing popularity of organic products has sparked a debate about grass-fed beef benefits versus the price you pay for it. Is the 2 – 3x supermarket price markup worth it? The bigger issue is more likely the overall health benefits of eating grass fed beef over the conventional grain or corn fed beef. This article will discuss the differences in how the grass fed and grain fed meats are created, processed and ultimately affect your health.

The Tropical Mangosteen Fruit

The Mangosteen fruit is among the popularly praised tropical fruits. It falls into the Guttiferae family and has global popularity and hence goes by different names including mangusta, mangosta, mangoustanier, mangostanier and mangouste among many other names.

Guidelines for a Raw Food Diet Menu

A raw food diet is a vegan way of eating that involves either raw or gently heated food. Such a meal plan can look quite different from a traditional diet since no cooking takes place. It offers a healthy and natural alternative to the high processed types of food that are found in shopping centers. Proponents are of the opinion that such a diet can improve health, boost energy and lead to weight loss. Below are guidelines to follow when adopting a raw food diet menu.

Trans Fats – The Good and the Bad

Trans fats have been the talk of the nutrition world for some time now. There are two basic categories that trans fats fall under. GOOD trans fats help with muscle building, preventing cancer and losing weight. BAD trans fats are a leading cause of weight gain and can cause serious health issues like cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

The TRUTH About White Foods and Fat Loss

White foods refers to processed grains like white flour and white rice that lose a lot of their nutrients when bleached. They are not good for you due to lower nutritional value and do not help you to lose weight. That being said, not all white foods are bad. Simply saying all of them should be avoided would not being doing your diet justice.

Are You Eating the Right Kind of Salt?

Everything in your kitchen is not what it appears to be. Did you know the supermarkets do not have your best interest in mind?

7 Worst Foods To Avoid When Dieting

Your weight loss regimen becomes taxing when you need to curb craving for some really bad foods. Many of these foods are known to be unhealthy due to their ingredients. But there are some food traps that you may not recognize so easily to be bad. Nevertheless, they are more threatening to your diet plan. The situation worsens when you unknowingly munch more of such foods daily.

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